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  1. which of the following is the order of progression of economic integration
  2. which of the following is NOT an advantage of having international cases heard in a national court
  3. among the most corrupt countries in the world in 2008, according to Transparency INternational, wer
  4. how does the European Commission compare to the Council of European Union
  5. in the world system, the regions that mostly manufacture goods are the ______. and are refered to as the ______
  1. a the authoirty of the national courts extends beyond the state's borders
  2. b Commission membership is based on one member per member state, whereas Council of the European Union membership varies from one meeting to the next depnding upon the topic being discussed
  3. c free trade area, customs union, common market, economic union
  4. d Haiti, Somalia, and Burma
  5. e industrialized regions, core

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  1. Turkish workers would move back to Turkey to find jobs at home
  2. international constitutions
  3. debt refinancing
  4. service and information
  5. capital accumulation

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  1. What can the permanent members of the UN Security Council do that nonpermenant members cannotveto resolutions


  2. with respect to UN peacekeepingthe continuation of colonial explotation without formal political control


  3. the model of development assistance that relies on local communities to determine the needs of their own people and to carry out development projects is the ___ modeldisaster relief


  4. how is the power of the UN Security Council limitedthe semiperiphery acts as a buffer between core and periphery


  5. with respect to the concept of the world systemthey send a signal to private lendes and investors regarding the wisdom of investing in that state