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  1. among the most corrupt countries in the world in 2008, according to Transparency INternational, wer
  2. UN programs
  3. how does import substitution compare to export-led growth
  4. loans made on favorable concessionary terms are made from
  5. the group of state creditors that meets periodically to discuss the international debt situation and renegotion is called them
  1. a are funded partly by the General Assembly and partly by contributions raised directly by the program
  2. b states to states
  3. c import substitution seeks to develop local industries to produce items that the country had been importing, whereas export led growth seeks to develop local industries that can compete in specific niches in the world economy
  4. d Paris Club
  5. e Haiti, Somalia, and Burma

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  1. Oxfam
  2. allowing the Chinese yuan to float freely against other currencies
  3. most of the world's territories
  4. European Coal and Steel Community
  5. textiles

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  1. which of the following is NOT a source of international lawthe represent their respective member states at the UN


  2. which of the following is NOT an advantage of having international cases heard in a national courtinternational constitutions


  3. a just warcan be waged only in response to aggression


  4. in recent years, states in which region have elcted leftist presidents committed to changing course away from free market capitalism and toward a socialist philosophy with more state-owned enterprisesLatin America


  5. which of the following was NOT one of the six original members of the European Coal and Steel Communityagriculture union


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