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  1. if the US were to ask Great Britain to arrest a suspect on British territory and hand him or her over for trial, this is known as
  2. _____ is the theory that economic integration generate a political dynamic that drives integrtation further
  3. with respect to changes in the structure of the UN Security Council, which of the following is false
  4. the IGOs that have been more successful are the ones that are _____ in scope with _____ purposes
  5. the UN standby High Readiness Brigade
  1. a is headquartered in Denmark
  2. b extradition
  3. c neofunctionalism
  4. d Brazil developed a plan that would give permanent seats with veto power to at least six additional countries
  5. e regional, specific

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  1. Haiti, Somalia, and Burma
  2. only states
  3. Singapore
  4. European Court of Justice
  5. the continuation of colonial explotation without formal political control

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  1. when a company is owned partly by an MNC and partly by a local firm or a host government itself this is known as a(n)its decisions depend entirely on the interests of its members and member states try to evade or soften the effect of Security Council resolutions (A and C)


  2. which of the following is NOT a principle stated in the UN Charterthe represent their respective member states at the UN


  3. despite the perception that international debt crisis is "over" which country in effect defaulted on debts in 2001greater centralization at a time when individuals and groups want more autonomy


  4. which of the following is NOT a consideration of MNCs when deciding to invest in a foreign countrythe represent their respective member states at the UN


  5. UN programscan be waged only in response to aggression