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  1. the most successful NICs are
  2. the most successful NICs are sometimes referred to as the
  3. NGOs include organizations such as
  4. the model of development assistance that relies on local communities to determine the needs of their own people and to carry out development projects is the ___ model
  5. which of the following is a consequence for China of the global economic recession in 2008
  1. a Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore
  2. b China's exports stopped growing, China's investments in the United States lost a substancial fraction of their value, China's leaders announced policies aimed at promoting domestic consumption, China's export oriented economy had to be reoriented to domestic markets (all of the above)
  3. c four tigers
  4. d Amnesty International and the International Olympic Committee
  5. e Oxfam

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  1. soldiers are typically sent to a country only when cease-fire has been arranged
  2. being at war keeps a society poor and prevents it from meeting its populations basic needs and being poor with unmet basic needs makes socities more prone to war (B and C)
  3. ideology of the ruling government party
  4. a balance of payment deficit less than 10 percent of GDP
  5. European Coal and Steel Community

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  1. how is the idea of universal human rights distinguished from relativismuniversal human rights are the same for all people regardless of nationality of ethnicity, whereas relativism emphasizes due respect of local traditions and histories


  2. peace operations of the United Nations include which of the followingtraditional peacekeeping, the use of force to protect civilians, the supervision of elections, running the government until a country recovers from a conflict (all of the above)


  3. how does the European Parliment compare to the Council of the European UnionCommission membership is based on one member per member state, whereas Council of the European Union membership varies from one meeting to the next depnding upon the topic being discussed


  4. states from Western Europe, North America, and Japan/Pacific have joined together to form the ______, from which more than 90 percent of government assistance flowsDevelopment Assistance Committee


  5. the ____ called for the creation of a common market in Europe by the end of 1992Single European Act