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  1. which of the following is an impact of the shift from subsitence to commercial agriculture in states in the global south
  2. the UN's peacekeeping forces
  3. which of the following undermines the laws of warfare
  4. which of the following is not a potential consequence of Turkey joining the European Union
  5. who was the Chinese leader responsible for instituting the economic reforms that have taken place there since the mid 1970s
  1. a Turkish workers would move back to Turkey to find jobs at home
  2. b Deng Xiaoping
  3. c crops are grown for export to pay for supplies such as machinery fuel and pesticides, small plots of land have been consolidated into big plantations, farmers end up working on large farmers rather than growing their own food, crops typically provide little nutrition to the local population (all of the above)
  4. d the increase in irregular and "low-intensity" wars fought by guerrillas and death squads
  5. e are assembled by the secretary-general each time a mission is deemed necessary

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  1. states have not agreed in a comprehensive way to obey its decisions
  2. European Court of Justice
  3. the European Parliment is a debating forum with limited legislative power, whereas the Council of the European Union is the legisltive body in the EU
  4. actions that would have been illegal under international law but which may be legal if taken in response to the illegal actions of another state
  5. about once a year

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  1. which of the following is the principle that diplomats are beyond the jurisdiction of the host country's national courtsstates should take economic and social disputes to the International Court of Justice for resolution


  2. a just waroften results in more people in countries in the global South with their basic human needs unmet


  3. the newly industrialzed country that has focused primarily on trade isSouth Korea


  4. the ____ provides US volunteers for technical development assistance in states in the global SOuthCouncil for the European Union and the European Commission


  5. the most successful NICs areHong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore