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  1. how frequently has the veto by the Security Council members been used since the mid-1990s
  2. ____ joined the (then) European Community in 1986
  3. what is the great weakness of the World Court
  4. with respect to UN peacekeeping
  5. which of the following is NOT a consideration of MNCs when deciding to invest in a foreign country
  1. a states have not agreed in a comprehensive way to obey its decisions
  2. b about once a year
  3. c Spain and Portugal
  4. d ideology of the ruling government party
  5. e soldiers are typically sent to a country only when cease-fire has been arranged

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  1. the increase in irregular and "low-intensity" wars fought by guerrillas and death squads
  2. created a Peacebuilding Commission to coordinate reconstructino, instituion-building, and economic recovery
  3. subsides to farmers
  4. are assembled by the secretary-general each time a mission is deemed necessary
  5. third world regions, periphery

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  1. who was the Chinese leader responsible for instituting the economic reforms that have taken place there since the mid 1970sDeng Xiaoping


  2. the ____ called for the creation of a common market in Europe by the end of 1992Spain and Portugal


  3. most foregin assistance comes fromthe process by which supranational institutions come to replace the national ones


  4. which of the following European organizations was established firstthe increase in irregular and "low-intensity" wars fought by guerrillas and death squads


  5. the free flow of capital and labor across borders occurs incapital accumulation