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  1. if the US were to ask Great Britain to arrest a suspect on British territory and hand him or her over for trial, this is known as
  2. among the costs of integration for states is
  3. with respect of migrants and refugees
  4. UN programs
  5. most states voluntarily observe international law most times because
  1. a extradition
  2. b refugees may be granted asylum, which allows them to stay in the new state
  3. c are funded partly by the General Assembly and partly by contributions raised directly by the program
  4. d greater centralization at a time when individuals and groups want more autonomy
  5. e states' interests are served by the mainteance of an orderly and predictable international environment

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  1. democracy has not accompanied economic development in a systematic or general way
  2. the European Union
  3. Deng Xiaoping
  4. effort needs to be made to limit warfare to the combatants and to protect civilians when possible, prisoners of war may not be killed, mistreated, or forced to disclose information beyond their name, rank, and serial number, armed forces must respect the nuetrality of the Red Cross in its support of civilians and POWs during war, participants can be held accountable for war crimes they commit (all of the above)
  5. handout

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  1. ____ joined the (then) European Community in 1986they send a signal to private lendes and investors regarding the wisdom of investing in that state


  2. newly industrializing countries (NICs)allows the repelling of an attack and punishment of the aggressor and allows only the victim of aggression to respond (A and C)


  3. how is the power of the UN Security Council limitedproviding a forum in which states can settle disputes without the use of force, promoting economic and social development in the global South, providing a coordinating system for information and planning by international agencies and programs, providing a symbol of international order (all of the above)


  4. the newly industrializing country that has developed competitve steel and automobile industries isTaiwan


  5. the ____ decides major policies of the European Union, whereas the ____ impletements the policiesSecurity Council, General Assembly