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In Texas, the codified body of laws which covers crime and its punishment is known as the
Penal Code
People who engage in organized criminal activity, repeat offenders, and those who commit hate crimes in Texas are punished as though they had committed the next higher degree of felony. This practice is called
enhanced punishment
What method does Texas primarily use for dealing with drug offenses?
Robin has been accused of manslaughter and the prosecutor has told Robin if she pleads guilty he will make sure she gets a shorter prison sentence. If Robin were to agree to this deal, she would be participating in
plea bargain
After an African American man was chained by his ankles and dragged to his death in East Texas in 1998, the legislature enacted a ________ law.
hate crimes
Which of the following would be considered a capital felony?
shooting and killing a police officer while robbing a bank
In 1982, Texas became the first state to use ________ as method of implementing the death penalty.
lethal injection
How does Texas compare to the rest of the country when it comes to executing capital felons?
Over the past three decades, Texas has executed more capital felons than any other state
In 2013, several death row inmates in Texas filed a federal civil complaint against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice because ________ , which they argued constituted cruel and unusual punishment.
they believed the department was using untested drugs from unregulated pharmacies to administer lethal injection
The American Bar Association has encouraged states with death-penalty laws to implement a moratorium. How have Texas legislators responded to this suggestion?
They have consistently rejected it.
What caused Texas's prison population to decline in 2010 and 2011 after years of continued growth?
the redirection of funds to expand treatment and counseling services
What are staff members of the Correctional Institutions Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice responsible for?
supervising the operation and management of state prisons, state jails, and other specialized facilities
Commonly referred to as solitary confinement, ________ isolates an inmate in a separate cell as punishment, typically for a violent or disruptive behavior.
administrative segregation
Most county jails operate under the direction of the
county sheriff.
Texas now has more ________ prisons than any other state.
privately operated
Children that commit noncriminal acts such as running away from home, failing to attend school, or violating a curfew established by a city or county are designated by the juvenile justice system as
status offenders.
In 2011, the Texas legislature abolished the Texas Youth Commission and the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission. What agency did the legislature create to replace them?
the Texas Juvenile Justice Department
Trials in juvenile courts are called
adjudication hearings.
Approximately ________ percent of juveniles charged with serious crimes stand trial and are punished as adults.
Who investigates charges of negligence and misconduct related to DNA evidence?
the Texas Forensic Science Commission
Which part of the U.S. Constitution guarantees that no state can "deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law"?
14th amend
Tina was wrongfully incarcerated for a murder she didn't commit. She was imprisoned for two years and then exonerated. How will the state of Texas award her financially?
$80,000 for each year she was wrongly incarcerated
How does the state determine wrongful conviction in Texas?
It funds innocence projects at its public law schools.
How have changes in Texas's demography begun to affect its justice system?
The ethnicity of those enforcing the law is consistently different from those against whom the law is enforced.
In Texas, the ________ has the authority to ask the courts, on behalf of the state, to take someone's life, liberty or property.
district attorney
________ law is the body of law concerning non criminal matters, such as business contracts and personal injury.
Which of the following would be considered a felony?
armed robbery
A court's authority to hear a particular case is its
What are procedures for filing a case, conducting a trial, and appealing a judgment dependent on?
whether the case is civil or criminal
In 1963, the legislature charged the Texas Legislative Council with ________ , a project they are still working on today.
reorganizing Texas laws into a systematic arrangement of legal codes
Proceedings that involve the estates of decedents are known as
probate cases.
If a court has original jurisdiction, it means that the court
has the power to hear the case first.
Municipal courts have criminal jurisdiction that is concurrent with justice of the peace courts over
Class C misdemeanors committed within city limits.
State law does not require municipal judges to be licensed attorneys, unless they
preside over a municipal court of record.
Municipal courts have limited civil jurisdiction and
no appellate jurisdiction.
With few exceptions, the criminal jurisdiction of county courts-at-law is limited to
The legislature has divided Texas into ________ state court of appeals districts.
Which two states are the only states in the union that bifurcated or divided court systems for dealing with criminal and civil appeals?
Texas and Oklahoma
The Texas legislature has authorized the creation of a number of specialized courts, including ________ and ________ courts
drug; veterans'
Texas chooses all judges (except municipal judges) in
partisan elections
What does the text identify as a major justification for limiting recoveries in tort cases?
the high liability insurance premiums required for protection against the risk of lawsuit
Sally was injured in an automobile accident, and has decided to file a civil case against the person who hit her. In this case, Sally would be considered a
How do civil cases normally begin?
the plaintiff files a petition against the defendant
What percent of civil cases are decided by a jury?
less than 0.4%
Rules of criminal procedure are made by the
After an arrest and before questioning, police must do which of the following?
They must advise suspects of their rights to remain silent and have an attorney present
Who oversees the development of statewide policies and procedures for the representation of indigent defendants?
Texas Indigent Defense Commission
Except in ________ cases, defendants may waive jury trial (if the prosecuting attorney agrees), regardless of the plea—guilty, not guilty, or nolo contendere (no contest).
death penalty
In death penalty cases, appeals are made directly to the
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.
If jurors in a criminal trial are hopelessly split and unable to agree upon a verdict, the
result is a hung jury.