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Bio 100 Ch. 10 Mastering Biology

The molecules that absorb only certain wavelengths of light energy from the Sun in order to begin the photosynthetic reactions are called _____.
During photosynthesis, the light energy from the Sun is captured and stored in the bonds of _____.
Which statement is most accurate concerning how photosystem II (PS II) compares to the electron transport chain (ETC) of mitochondria?
In both systems, ATP is produced by chemiosmosis.
According to the Z scheme, what is the path of electrons through photosystem I (PS I) and photosystem II (PS II)?
PS II → pheophytin → plastoquinone → cytochrome complex → plastocyanin → PS I → ferredoxin
Both photosystem I and photosystem II employ the use of a(n) _____, which drives the formation of ATP and NADPH.
electron transport chain
During the Calvin cycle, carbon dioxide is _____, in order to drive the formation of sugars.
Plant leaves contain openings called _____, which allow the diffusion of carbon dioxide into the leaf tissue
The most abundant enzyme on Earth, which catalyzes the fixation of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis, is ____
Which answer best explains why it is accurate to call the Calvin cycle a "cycle"?
It regenerates a substrate of the first reaction. (The 3rd phase of the Calvin cycle regenerates RuBP, which participates in fixation of CO2, allowing another turn of the cycle.)