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Which of the following would NOT be considered nonverbal communication according to your text?

Alone in his room, late at night, John sighs.

Nonverbal communication is more useful than verbal communication in conveying which of the following kinds of information?

initial impressions, relational info, emotional expression

The kinesic code is made up of

gesture and body movement.

When the boss gets to the most important part of his instructions, his voice gets stronger and he stares directly at his employees. This is an example of


Affect displays

show emotions

In North America, an example of a ____________ is men should not show fear in public.

cultural display rule

__________ is the study of time.


Which of the following kinds of cues would be classed as paralanguage?

Use of ums and ahs to fill pauses.

The three aspects of chronemics discussed in your book were

psychological, biological, and cultural time orientations.

A person who is classified as a(n) ___________ has a muscular and athletic body type.


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