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How many cotyledons does a monocot have?


The leaves of a monocot are usually:


The petals of monocots are in multiples of:


How many cotyledons do dicots have?


The leaves of dicots are:

four or five

The petals of dicots come in multiples of:

one cotyledon

Monocots are plants whose seeds have:

two cotyledon

Dicots are plants whose seed have:

flowering plants

What are angiosperms?


The food source for an embryo in a seed.

seed, leaves, flower part and the stem

Four ways that monocots and dicots differ from each other.

they have long, slender leaves with parallel veins

Describe the leaves of monocots:

petals are in multiples of 3

Decribe the petals of monocots:


What kind of root system does a monocot have:

tulips, grass, palm trees, lily

Three plants from the monocot family.

vein patterns in leaves

What is venation?

the main vein seem to run parallel to each other.

What is parallel venation?

small veins that branch from one main vein.

What is pinnate venation?

veins tht branch from more than one main vein.

What is palmate venation?

parallel, pinnate, palmate

The three major pattens of leaf veins:

carbon dioxide

What is released as a byproduct of photosynthesis?

chlorophyll reflects green light.

Why do we perceive chlorophyll has being green?

the lights splits the water in to hydrogen and oxygen.

In the process of photosythesis what happens to light and water.

It leaves the leaf and goes into the environment

In the process of photosynthesis when the hydrogen and oxygen slit what happen to the oxygen:

it combines with carbon dioxide to form glucose

What happens to the hydrogen during the process of photosytheis?

glucose and oxygen combine to make energy

What happens during respiration:

all day and all night

When does respiration occur?

during the day only.

When does photosynthesis occur?

use glucose to provide energy for the plant's cells.

What is purpose of respiration?

use light enery to make glucose

What does photosynthesis do?

To store food in the growing season.

The purpose of a lily bulb:


What is the creeping stem of a grass plant?

broad (flat leaves) long (narrow leaves) needlike (scale-like leaves)

Name the three basic shapes of leaves:

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