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carry microscope

upright with two hands on the arm and the base

clean microscope

with lens paper

lower stage

when adding and removing slides, storing microscope


most cells seen in Biology class will be in this unit

Robert Hooke

invented first microscope (1665)



Anton van Leeuwenhoek

looked at pond water under microscope (1675)




ability to enlarge an image (how big it is)


ability to determine between two points; clarity


how much light there is


ability to distinguish between light and dark areas

relationship b/w microscope terms

they all work on a scale to see clearly, if one changes then the others need to be adjusted

field of view

what you can see

depth of field

number of layers you can see

increase magnification

decrease resolution, field of view, depth of field, brightness, contrast

increase brightness

decrease contrast

ocular X Objective

equals total magnification

10 X 10


10 X 40


compound microscope

light source on bottom


transmission electron microscope (1000 X- 500,000 X


dissecting microscopes


scanning microscope (1000x-100,000x)

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