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the proper names Mr. Mehen gave us for S.S Test #5

Julius Ceaser

A senator from a Patrician Family Who became dictator of rome after defeating Gaul. Was killed by Brutus on the Ides of March (March 15)


A great orator and Phillosopher who made his name as a lawyer


a River that was a border of Rome, whereas anyone passed it with a army, prepared for battle, it symbolized war


a man who stood his ground, fightng off the Etruscans while his fellow soldiers destroyed the bridge. He fell into the Tiber River, but swam back to Roman shores


Ancient Roman general who was captured by Cartharage, leet free to make a pact between Cartharage and Rome. But Did not make a pact, returned and died as a prisoner in Cartharage


The Roman emporer who rebuilt much of Rome

Marcus Junius Brutus

Friend of Julius Ceaser. Led conspiricy to assasinate Julius Ceaser


farm owner who was made absolute ruler of Rome. He took 16 days to organize a group of soldiers to foght the Northern tribes. He defeated the enemies, but then returned to his farm.


Carthaginian General who fought for 16 years in the Punic war, but was defeated in the battle of Zama in 202 B.C.


Emperor of Rome who adopted the Christian faith and stopped the persecution of Christians

Pox Romana

a ime lasting 500 years brought about by Octavius when there was law, order, paved roads, orderly commerce, good food, hot baths, sanitation, and Roman citizenship Means "Roman Peace"

lucius Junius Brutus

Man who overthrew Tarquinus Superbus, a Tyrant who ruled rome, the last King of rome


Roman name for Carthaginians meaning "Phoenicians"


Roman Emperor (284-305); the last systematic persecution of Christians took place towards the end of his reign.

Ceaser Augustus

First Roman emperor


Second king of Rome. Wanted peace among the Romans

Tarquinius Superbus

Last king of Rome. a Tyrant who refused to consult the senate, and kept the Roman citizens busy with wars and public work projects

Septimus severus

emperor who ordered all people to sacrifice to him as the divine emperor who started the persecution of Christians

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