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Pronoun, me, myself


pronoun, what


noun, nothing


adverb, not


adverb, often


conjugation, if

amo, amare, amavi, amatum

to love, like

amabo te

idiom, please (lit. I will love you)

cogito, cogitare, cogitavi, cogitatum

to think, ponder, consider plan

debeo, debere, debui, debitum

to owe; ought, must

do, dare, dedi, datum

to give, offer

erro, errare,erravi, erratum

to wander; err, go astray, make a mistake, be mistaken

laudo, laudare, laudavi, laudatum

to praise

moneo, monere, monui, monitum

to remind, advise, warn

salveo, salvere

to be well, be in good health

salve, salvete

hello, greetings

servo, servare, servavi, servatum

to preserve, save, keep, guard

conservo, conservare, conseravi, conservatum

stronger form of servo, to preserve, conserve, maintain

terreo, terrere, terrui, territum

to frighten, terrify

valeo, valere, valui, valiturum

to be strong, have power; be well

vale (valete)

good-bye, farewell

video, videre, vidi, visum

to see; observe, understand

voco, vocare, vocavi, vocatum

to call, summon

fama, -ae

f. rumor, report; fame, reputation

forma, -ae

f. form, shape; beauty

fortuna, -ae

f., fortune, luck

ira, -ae

f., ire, anger

nauta, -ae

m. sailor

patria, -ae

f., fatherland, native land, (one's) country

pecunia, -ae

f., money

philosophia, -ae

f. philosophy

poena, -ae

f., penalty, punishment;

poenas dare

idom, to pay the penalty

poeta, -ae

m., poet

porta, -ae

f., gate, entrance

puella, -ae

f., girl

rosa, -ae

f., rose

sententia, -ae

f., feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence

vita, -ae

f., life; mode of life

antiqua, -ae

adj. ancient, old-time

magna, -ae

adj., large, great; important

mea, -ae

adj. my

multa, -ae

adj. much, many

tua, -ae

adj., your


conj., and; even

conjugation, both ... and


conj., but


interjection, O!, Oh!


preposition +abl., without

ager, agri

m., field, farm

agricola, -ae

m., farmer

amica, -ae

f., friend

amicus, amici

m., friend

femina, -ae

f., woman

filia, -ae



daughter dat. and abl. pl.

filius, filii

m., son

numerus, -i

m., number

populus, i

m., the people, a people, a nation

puer, pueri

m., boy; pl. boys, children

sapientia, -ae

f., wisdom

vir, viri

m., man, hero


m., adj. greedy, avaricious


f., adj. greedy, avaricious


m., adj. few, a few


f., adj. few, a few


m., adj. Roman


f., adj. Roman


prep. + abl. down from, from; concerning, about


prep + abl., in, on


adv., today


adv., always

habeo, habere, habui, habitum

to have, hold, possess; consider, regard

satio, satiare, saiavi, satiatum

to satisfy, sate

basium, ii

n. kiss

bellum, i

n. war

consilium, ii

n., plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement

cura, ae

f. care, attention, caution, anxiety

donum, i

n. gift, present

exitium, ii

n. destruction, ruin

magister, magisri

m. schoolmaster, teacher, master

magistra, ae

f. schoolmistress, teacher, mistress

mora, ae

f. delay


n. nothing (indeclinable)

oculus, i

m. eye

officium, ii

n. duty, service

otium, ii

n. leisure, peace

periculum, i

n. danger, risk

bellus, a, um

pretty, handsome, charming

bonus, a, um

good, kind

humanus, a, um

pertaining to man, human, humane, kind, refined, cultivated

malus, a, um

bad, wicked, evil

parvus, a, um

small, little

stultus, a, um


stultus, i

m. a fool

verus, a, um

true, real, proper

iuvo (or adiuvo), iuvare, iuvare, iuvi, iutum

to help, aid, assist, please

sum, esse, fui, futurum

to be, exist

adulesentia, ae

f. youth, young manhood, youthfulness

animus, i

m. soul, spirit, mind

animi, -orum

high spirits, pride, courage

caelum, i

n. sky, heaven

culpa, ae

f. fault, blame

gloria, ae

f. glory, fame

verbum, i

n. word


(abl. and acc. sg) you, yourself

liber, libera, liberum


noster, nostra, nostrum

our, ours

pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum

beautiful, handsome, fine

sanus, a, um

sound, healthy, sane


(conj, postpositive) therefore, consequently


(enclitic) Indicates a question


(prep. + acc.) on account of, because of


adv. tomorrow


adv. yesterday



si quando

if ever


(indeclinable noun, adj, adv) enough, sufficent


adv. then, at that time, thereupon, in the next place

ceno (1)

to dine

culpo (1)

to blame, censure

remaneo, remanere, remansi, remansum

to remain, stay, stay behind, abide, continue

maneo, manere, mansi, mansum

to remain, stay, stay behind, abide, continue

supero (1)

to be above, have the upper hand, surpass, overcome, conquer

dea, -ae

f. Goddess


f. Goddess (dat. and abl. pl of dea)

deus, -i

m. God


m. God (nom. pl)


m. God (dat. and abl. pl)

discipula, -ae

f. learner, pupil, student

discipulus, i

m. learner, pupil, student

insidiae, -arum

f. pl ambush, plot, treachery

liber, libri

m. book

tyrannus, -i

m. absolute ruler, tyrant

vitium, -ii

n. fault, crime ,vice

Graecus, -a, -um


Graecus, -i

m. a Greek

perpetuus, -a, -um

perpetual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous

plenus, -a, -um

full, abundant, generous

salvus, -a, -um

safe, sound

secundas, -a, -um

second, favorable

vester, vestra, vestrum

pl. your, yours


and (enclitic, attached to the second of two words to be joined)


where, when


adv. there


adv. now, at present


adv. because of which thing, therefor, wherefore, why

possum, posse, potui

tobe able, can, could, have power

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