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  1. banal
  2. sophistry
  3. substantiate
  4. nettle
  5. delineate
  1. a noun, reasoning that seems plausible but is actually unsound; a fallacy
  2. b noun, a prickly or stinging plant; verb, to arouse displeasure, impatience, or anger; to vex or irritate severely
  3. c adj, hackneyed, trite, commonplace
  4. d verb, to establish by evidence, prove; to give concrete or substancial form to
  5. e verb, to portray, sketch, or describe in accurate and vivid detail; to represent pictorially

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  1. adjective, conceited, presumptuous; excessive, immoderate
  2. noun, a formal statement of commendation; high praise
  3. verb, to acquire as the result of effort; to gather and store away, as for future use
  4. adjective, open, not hidden, expressed or revealed in a way that is easily recognized
  5. verb, to immitate with the intent of equaling or surpassing the model

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  1. penchantadjective, stimulating to the tase or mind; spicy, pungent; appealingly provocative


  2. incarcerateadjective, obligatory, required; noun, one who holds a specific office at the time spoken of


  3. maelstromnoun, a whirlpool of great size and violance; a situation resembling a whirlpool in violence and destruction


  4. temporizeverb, to stall or act evasively in order to gain time, avoid a confrontation, or postpoe a decision; to compromise


  5. distraughtadjective, very much agaitated or upset as a result of emotion or mental conflict