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Describe conditions in the Roman Empire during the 5th century

The collapse of the empire inaugerated a period of decline in the West as the old world passed away and confusion reigned as the basis for a new order had yet to coalesce.

How did Ulphilas influence the Germanic tribes and Christianity?

The Goths, Burgundians, Lombards, and Vandals were all converted to Arian Christianity because of Ulphilas.

What is the oldest Germanic document?

Ulphilas' translation of the Bible into Gothic

What was the key for the Church in converting the Germanic tribes?


How did Germanic invasions change Christian attitude in the 5th century?

They were discouraged at the fall of the empire, but they took refuge from the chaos in a form of asceticism, from which monasticism emerged

How is Christian monasticism unique?

Men and women who enter the monastic life model themselves on Jesus Christ by dedicating themselves to prayer and joyful penance.

How is the eremitical life structred?

In the early days, monks withdrew themselves to the desert to lead a contemplitive life.

What two orders have taken much of their inspiration from eremitical monasticism?

Carmelites and Carthusians

What was a common problem of early hermits in Eygpt?

Word of their holiness spread, so people went to join them, ruining their solitude

Name three effects of monasticism on Europe.

Recovery and evangelization of rural society, intellectual growth, and civilization of the Germanic peoples

What are the chief qualities that lend the "Rule of St. Benedict" to harmonious religious life?

The Rule is lauded for its spirit of peace and love, as well as moderation in ascetical life.

What three vows are accepted by Benedictines?

Poverty, chastity, and obedience

Who was St. Scholastica?

The sister of St. Benedict

What was St. Scholastica's main accomplishment?

Founding of the first Benedictine convent

In what ways was Pope Gregory I a historical marker?

His papacy is often used as a marker for the beginning of the Medieval Age

What title did Pope Greg I use during his papacy?

"Servus servorum Dei", or "servant of the servants of God"

What title did Pope Gerg I reject for the Patriarch of Constantinople?

Ecuminical Patriarch

Why is the Koran written in Arabic?

Because it is believed to be the language of revelation

Who is the common ancestor of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity?


What is the position held by Jesus in Islam?

Holy Prophet

What is the name of the creedal statement of Islam? (Hint: one of the 5 Pillars of Islam)

The Shahada

Who suffered under the expansion of Islam?

The Christian land which they conquered

At what battle were the Muslims defeated, and who defeated them?

The Battle of Tours, by the Franks

Why does Jerusalem hold religious significance in Islam?

The Dome of the Rock was built there

What did JP2 say about Islam?

While Islam gives some of the most beautiful names to God, God for them is distant, and Islam is not a religion of redemption.

What is required 5 times daily for Muslims?

Prayer, in the direction of Mecca

What is the name for the pilgrimage to Mecca? (Hint: one of the 5 Pillars of Islam)

The Hajj

What is the name for the alms required by Islam for purification (Hint: one of the 5 Pillars of Islam)

The Zakah

What is the name for the Islamic holy month? (Hint: one of the 5 Pillars of Islam)


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