Ecology Test (Jeopardy Questions)

What is the statistical study of all populations?
_____ consists of all the individuals of a particular species in a particular place.
List the 4 factors that affect population size.
Birth, death, immigration, and emigration
An ecosystem consists of...
A community of organisms, energy, soil, water, and weather
Which of the following types of succession would most likely occur after a forest fire?
Secondary succession
What are the two names for a graph?
Exponential and J-shaped
_____ affect the population regardless of the density of the population.
Density-independent factors
A tick feeding on a human is an example of ______.
What are the three parts to an organism's niche?
Food, abiotic factors, and behavior
On the pyramid, animals that feed on plant eaters are at...
Trophic level 3
The movement of individuals into a population is called _______.
______ is when a barrier forms that prevents an organism from accessing its entire home range.
Habitat fragmentation
Renewable sources of energy...
Can replenish themselves naturally.
A type of symbiotic relationship where one species benefits and the other is unaffected is called ______.
A _____ is a stable, mature community that undergoes little or no succession.
Climax community
The _____ is the maximum number of individuals of a particular species that the environment can hold.
Carrying capacity
___% of energy is transferred from one trophic level to another.
If the niche of two organisms overlap...
The organisms may have to compete directly
The small, fast growing plants that are the first organisms to live in a habitat are called ______.
Pioneer species
The total dry weight of the organisms in an ecosystem is called ______.
Ozone in the atmosphere...
absorbs harmful radiation from the sun.