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Quiz 2

Which of the following statements about the internet is NOT true

it is a hierarchial network where some have the power to kick others off the network

"Mash Up"videos are part of web 2.0 t/f


web 2.0 is more robust and collaborative that Web 1.0 t/f


according to the textbook, what is the most popular social newtworking site?


The hallmark of the internet today is media convergence


which of the following best describes an "opt in" internet policy

a policy whereby consumers have to give their consent before a website can collect any browsing history data

a catch up service _____

lets you watch episodes after they air on Tv

a procedure whereby Web sites ask for your explict permission before they can collect browsing history or other data

Opt in Policy

A micro-blogging service


a company that provides access to the internet

Internet service provider

a plan sent to congress that calls for at least 100 million US homes to have affordable access to dowload speeds of 100 megabits per second

The 2010 National Broadband Plan


Internet service providor

a term that describes the bap between the information "haves" and "have-nots"

Digital divide

which of the following statements is/are true about Linux software?

All of the options are correct

HTML stands for "hypertext _____ language"


Which of the following is/are true about the treat(s) posed to Internet privacy by goverment surveillance

all options are correct

ISP stands for Internet ____ provider


which of the following statements about Apple's iPad is true?

the main critiques of the first generation iPad concerned its limitations for convergence

_________ (two words) is made of thin glass bundles that transmit thousands of messages converted to shooting pulses of light

fiber-optic cable

the 2010 National Broadband Plan calls for the abolishment of all broadband connections


According to teh text, video games become a mass medium when people could play aginst each other in the same game over the internet


which of the followign is not part of web 2.0

the sematic Web

Yahoo! is a subsidary of Google


the internet was created by private enterprise, but it has been taken over and expanded by the federal goverment.


what was the origonal motivation for developing the internet?

Military-goverment project

the data linking feature that allows Internet users to skip directly from a highlighted word to a reflected file in another computer system is called


according to the text book, what is the most popular search engine?


the term advergames refers to

video games that tare soley created for promotional purpouses

"mash up" videos are part of web 2.0


information-search services such as Firefox and Microsoft's internet explorer are known as..


the US Supreme court ruled that efforts to ban indecent and obscene material on teh Web through the Communications Decency Act were unconstitutional t/f


the internet was designed so that a centralized authority could control electroni communication during a nuclear disaster t/f


which of the following is NOT a thread to keeping personal information on the Net private?

Digital archiving

which statement(s) about the buisness model of Google is/are true?

Google makes the majority of its money from pay-per-click advertisements

ARPAnet is a broser t/f


which of the following statements about web 3.0 is or are not true

it wont really happen because users are content with current internet abilities

what makes the internet different from other mass media such as radio or television

the lack of limitations on how many people world wide can be connected to it

according to the text the most popular search engine is


One form of media convergence is

the use of computers to access different forms of traditional media like books and movies

designed by the U.S Defence Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency, the original Internet was called


invented in the 1980s the _____ is the most traveled region of the internet and is the navigation system for the internet

World Wide Web

"cookies" are files that allow a web site owner to chart the computer user's movements within the Web site and collect the other information about the user. t/f


User created content on the Web includes which of teh following phenomenon

Wiki Websites and blog

MMORPG stand for "massively muliplayer online role-playing game" t/f


the Huffington Post is a leading


Facebook uses profile information to deliver targeted and personalized ads to its users t/f


which of the following is a development of Web 1.0


the socioeconomic disparity between those who do an dthose who do not have acess to digital technology and media, such as the Internet, is sometimes referred to as the _____ _____(two words)

Digital Divide

which is true of the Wiki Web sites

the most popular example of a Wiki Web site is the online encyclopedia mostly written by users

According to the textbook, video games became a mass medium when multiple people could play together in the same game via the internet t/f


the difference between the internet and the web is

None of the options are correct

_________ is an Internet scam that begins with phony e-mail messages that pretend to be from an offical site


most websites follow an "opt-in" data policy when collecting information from online customers t/f


which invention brought the internet to mass audiences

web broswers

which of the following statements about media convergence is/are not true

convergence took off at the same time as the rise of the personal computer industry in teh 1970s

What are two technological developments that are key to the internts maketability

micro processers and fiber-optic cable

Recent court decisions have upheld Congress's authority to restrict children's access to pornographic websites t/f


The 1996 Telecommunications Act encouraged mergers and joint ventures among phone companies and cable operators t/f


A standart for Short-distance wireless networking ____ enables users of notebook computers and other devices to connect to the Internet in Cafes, Hotels, Airports and parks


Linux is an example of a open-source software


According to the text, which of the following technologial advances has or have contributed to the rise of media convergence

All options are correct

Which of the following statements about targeted advertising is not true

it is a passing fad because it is unpopular with advertisers and genertes very little revenue

The term digital divide refers to

the ability of the rich to have access to the latest information to technology while the poor do not

a standard for short-distance wireless networking, __________ enables users of notebook computers and other devices to connect to the Internet in Cafes, hotels, airports, and parks


Visionaries predict that Web 3.0 will continue the internet trend of

allowing users to tailor their internet experience to their own needs and interests

the two biggest critical issues in the future of the Web are the number of users and the types of search engines available.


AOL began losing customers in the already 2000s because

it couldent keep up with the advent of broadband internet connections

Written code that creates Web pages and links


Thin glass bundles capable of transmitting thousands of messages

Fiber-optic cables

a site where you can upload photos, share interests, and post messages to friends

Social Media Site

an online identy used in role-playing games



Social media site

the most frequently visited region of the internet

World Wide Web

Twitter is a microblogging service where messages are limited to 140 characters t/f


_______ contain articals in chronological, journal-liek form, often with reader comments and links to other articles on the Web


The Web and Internet were created by private enterprise, then taken over by the military in teh 1980s t/f


the internet is owned and operated by the federal goverment, which has the power to shut it down when necesscary t/f


while no one owns the internet, some businesses have had commercial sucess controling parts of the internet experince, which of the following endeavors has or have been commercially succeessful.

All of the options are correct

Computer engineer Ray Tomlinson, hwo invented email, established teh "login name@host computer" convention for email addresses. t/f


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