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Film and Culture Quiz 2


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A movie is a coordinated synthesis of performance, composition, sound, and editing that creates meaning to tell a story. When we analyze this synthesis we are analyzing
a film's form.
A movie is verisimilar if it
has the appearance of truth.
Antirealism uses our perceptions of ______ as a starting point to expand upon or even purposely subvert.
Cinematic language combines various elements such as lighting, movement, sound, and camera effects into single _______________ that create meaning analogous to a sentence.
Form describes _____________, while content describes _____________.
the means of expression; the subject of a movie
Realism is concerned with ______________ and ______________.
representation; the actual
The interaction between two optical and perceptual phenomena makes moving pictures possible. The persistence of vision provides the illusion of ______________ while the phi phenomenon provides the illusion of ____________.
succession; movement
The three fundamental principles of film form are:
Movies depend on light, provide an illusion of movement, and manipulate space and time in unique ways.
This type of movie may use highly stylized and distinctive camera work, editing, and lighting, drawing attention to the cinematic languages in order to convey sensational stories in embellished or imaginary settings.
What is a MacGuffin?
It is something of vital importance to the characters in a film that turns out to be less significant to the overall narrative than first expected.
How do movies appear to be moving?
By creating a quick succession of twenty-four individual still photographs per second.
The illusion of movement created by events that succeed each other rapidly is known as:
the phi phenomenon.
What is a freeze-frame?
A still image shown onscreen for a period of time.
Antirealism is defined as an interest in or concern for:
the abstract, speculative, or fantastic.
Filmmakers may use various techniques to manipulate time such as slow or fast motion, freeze frame, split screen, chronology, and editing, among other techniques. Which clip is an example of manipulating time through editing?
Bartholomew's Song