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What were 2 American traditions that took root during the colonial period?
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What did montesquieu champion and how did this idea work?Gave the idea of separation of powers which divided government power among legislature, executive, and judicial branches. This system would Guard against tyranny because no government official or branch of government could gain too much powerWho was William BlackstoneAnd English tourist, judge and jury politician of the 18th centuryWhy is William Blackstone important to American democracyHe is important because of his commentaries on the laws of England to provide a comprehensive treatment of English lawWhat were the five truths to be self evident or without question in summaryThe truth state in summary that the rights of people cannot be taken away/denied by any governmentWhat did the Declaration of Independence proclaimAll men are created equal, they endow by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happinessWhat were the articles of confederationThey called for a National legislature in which each state would have one voteWhy, according to George Washington, were the articles of confederation a failureThey were a failure because he believed it weakened Congress, leaving it unable to keep order, raise money through taxes or deal effectively with European nationsAccording to the preamble of the Constitution, what were the six reasons for establishing it as the basis for a new government1. A more perfect union 2. Establish justice 3. Insure domestic tranquility 4. Provide for the common defense 5. Promote general welfare 6. Secure blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperityWhat was the Virginia planCalls for the alliance of Independent statesWhat did the Virginia plan proposeA framework for a strong national government with legislative, executive, and judicial branchesWhat was the New Jersey planIt proposed for a one house legislatureWhat did the New Jersey plan proposeIt gave each state an equal number of votesHow does our Congress represent a compromise of both the New Jersey plan and Virginia planThey created something called a bicameral which is a two house legislature (aka the great compromise)What are the six basic principles of the US Constitution1. Popular sovereignty 2. Limited government 3. Separation of powers 4. Checks and balances 5. Judicial review 6. FederalismPopular sovereigntyThe government receives its power from the people and can govern only with their consentLimited governmentThe government has as much authority as people give it (this government power is limited)Separation of powersThe separation of government powers was intended to prevent the misuse of powerChecks and balancesIt gives each 3 branches of government the ability to restrain the other two. It makes government less efficient but also less likely to trample on the rights of citizensJudicial reviewIt means federal courts have the power to review acts of the federal government and to cancel any acts that are unconstitutional, or violate a provision in the ConstitutionFederalismWhen power is divided between central government and smaller governments. It intends to ensure the central government is powerful enough to be effective but not so powerful to threaten states or individualsHow are all amendments to the constitution approvedAt the national and state levelsHow are amendments approved at the national levelUsually by Congress and proposed to the statesHow are amendments approved at the state levelBy a two thirds vote of both the Senate and the house of representativesWhat are the first 10 amendments commonly known asBill of rightsWhat group and proposed that there should be a Bill of Rights and whyThe anti-federalist proposed there should be a bill of rights because they feared that a strong national government might not respect citizens rightsWho were the federalists and what did they believeFederalists were supporters of the Constitution. They believed in a strong national government would provide protection, maintain order, regulate trade, and guarantee the rights of citizensFor the anti-Federalists and what they believeThe anti-Federalist were opponents of the Constitution. They believed that representative should meet in a location close to the people whose interests they sought to protectWhat are three types of rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights1. Individual freedoms 2. Protections against government abuse of power 3. Rights of citizens accused of crimesWhat does each of the first 10 amendments guaranteeFreedoms of Religion, speech, press, assembly, petition, protections against abuse of power, gun ownership, housing the soldiers, unreasonable searches and seizures, protecting property rights, protections of the accused, right to trial by jury, Bail, fines and punishments, & protections of other rightsThe first amendment guarantees five freedoms to individuals. What are they, and why is importantThe five freedoms to individuals are freedom of religion, speech, press, right to assemble peacefully, and right to petition the government. Each is important because it protects citizens rights against actions by the national governmentWhat four of the first 10 amendments guarantee our rights against governmental abuse of powerThe second third fourth and fifth amendmentsWhat three amendments in the Bill of Rights protect someone accused of a crimeThe fifth sixth and seventh amendmentsWhat are four ways that one could legally be a citizen of the United States1. If you were born in the US or its territories 2. At least one parent was a US citizen when born 3. Been naturalize (gone through process of becoming a citizen) 4. If you were under age 18 when parents were naturalizedWhat are our representatives, and what do they do for usCitizens elect representatives to government offices such as members of Congress. They are people who are chosen to speak and act for their fellow citizens in governmentWhat are the Rights of a US citizenThe rights of a US citizen are the right to vote and hold elected office, to say what you think in speech or in writing, practice own religion, have fair trial, and be protected by your government when working or traveling in other countriesWhat are the duties of a US citizenThe duties of US citizen are to obey laws, defending the nation, serving on jury or witness in court, paying taxes and attending schoolAt the age of 18 what must every male citizen doRegister for military serviceWhat is a jury of peers & why are they importantA jury of peers in which a group of citizens who decide a court case. They are important because they help the judge make a final decisionWhy must we pay taxes were local, state, and national governmentsWe must pay taxes to our local, state, and national governments to raise money to pay for the services that citizens asks them to provideWhat are the two main reasons That government requires children to attend schoolThe first reason govt requires children to attend school is to make sure young people are prepared to support themselves & contribute to our economy. The second is to give students the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to Carry out the duties and responsibilities of the office of citizen