On what principle is the TACS design based?
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Who is responsible to the JFACC for effectively conducting joint air, space, and cyberspace operations and establishing the AOC battle rhythm?The AOC commanderWhich element within the AOC produces the ATOs?Combat Plans DivisionWhat does the AOC's combat operations division concentrate on?Execution of the current ATO and ACOWhich component liaison at the AOC supports integration of air, space, and cyberspace operations with ground maneuver?BCDWho supervises the functions of the AOC's offensive operations?SODOWho is responsible to the chief of combat operations for the duties assigned to the defensive operations team?SADOWhat position supervises the duties and functions of the enlisted members of the defensive operations team?SADT1 What duty position at the AOC facilitates the resolution of dual track designation and identification conflicts that are a result of system interoperability problems or operator error?TDCWhich unit is designated as the primary C2 facility within TACS?CRCWhat are the functions of the CRC?Battle management, surveillance, weapons control, airspace management, tactical data-link management.What function is responsible for implementation of the airspace control order?Airspace management.On what TDLs are CRCs capable of interfacing?Link 11/11B/16, SADL, and NATO Link-CRC unit commander.BCResponsible to the SD for coordinating localized air defense operations using ADA assets.ADAFCOResponsible to the MCC for assignment of allocated weapons.SDResponsible to the SD for controlling aircraft.WDEnsures tracking continuity and reports unusual scope presentations.STThis position is located in the radar van.EPTResponsible for implementing manual tell procedures.ASTPlans and coordinates the initial build of the MCE database.DSTMonitors data-link effectiveness.ICTThis SNCO supervises the management of the ADP systemsBSCWhat does the modular control system concept provide?Mobility and flexibility necessary to meet deployment requirements of tactical forces anywhere in the world.How are remoted radars tied into the system, and what type of data is displayed on the operator console unit work station?Remote radar is received using VHF radio and provides a symbology only air picture.What piece of equipment drops false returns and correlates actual radar and IFF targets?MIG.Serves as the main thoroughfare for all data exchange between DDB and OCUWS.SSUProvides secure and non-secure communications of C2IREThe main human-machine system interface component.R/RUsed to log voice communications.OCUWSThe data communication interface.EXAWho is directly subordinate to the AOC for planning, coordinating, and directing tactical air support for ground forces?ASOCDuring linear operations where does the air support operations center normally control airspace?Just short of the fire support coordinate line.What does irregular warfare favor?Indirect and asymmetric approachesWho is subordinate to the ASOC and serves as the principal Air Force liaison element to the Army?TACPWho is the senior TACP member attached to a ground unit?ALOWhat airborne position locates, identifies, and marks ground targets for aircraft attack?FAC-AWhat types of radar does the AWACS have?Pulse Doppler, beyond the horizon, and maritime.What gives the AWACS its important capability of being able to detect targets flying lower than the E-3 without interference from radar returns from the ground?The pulse Doppler radar.What AWACS system provides an improved, air to air and air to ground, jam resistant UHF voice communication capability?Have Quick.What does JSTARS provide?Air and ground commanders with information on surface forces that enable situation development, targeting, attack planning, and limited post attack assessment.What type of radar does the JSTARS have?The phased array antenna.What are the capabilities of the operational and control system?Can predict areas screened from the radar's field of view, extrapolate moving target tracks, provide compressed time replay of radar history, and track weapons/target pairings.Who is responsible for collecting information about air, missile, and space activities to determine whether North America may be under military attack?Commander of NORADNORAD is divided into how many regions?3What NORAD region is responsible for identifying and tracking all aircraft entering Canadian airspace?Canadian RegionWho performs additional surveillance of the National Capital Region?JADOCWhich position is responsible for monitoring assigned airspace for aircraft ensuring they are in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration procedures?Tracking TechniciansWhich command is responsible for homeland defense and civil support?United States Northern CommandWhat does USNORTHCOMs civil support mission include?Domestic disaster relief operations that occur during fires, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.What is the mission of the KTACS?To plan, direct, and coordinate the employment of forces engaged in air operations throughout ROK.What is the focal point of the KTACS?The HTACCWhat division produces and disseminates the ATO?Combat Plans Division.What division supervises the execution of air operation orders?Combat Operations Division.Who within the MCRC ensures BSD are received, posted, and updated as required?MCCTWho within the MCRC synchronizes the BCS-K with the Naval Observatory?System MaintenanceWhat are the four objectives of C4I systems?Producing unity of effort, Exploiting total force capabilities, properly positioning critical information, Information fusionWhat C4I system objective allows for the views of many experts to be brought to bear on any given task?Producing unity effortWhat is the ultimate goal of C4I systems?Produce real-time battle space information that is accurate and meets the needs of the warfighter.What are the four C4I system components?Terminal device, Transmission media, switching, ControlGive two examples of terminal devices.Any two of the following: telephones, radios, computers, facsimile machines, televisions.What do transmission media connect?Terminal devices.What is switching?The means by which traffic is routed through a network of transmission media.Modular system designs and microelectronics help achieve this characteristic.MobileAchieved when information or services can be exchanged satisfactorily between C4I systems and users.InteroperableThis characteristic ensures continuous support is provided during any type and length of joint operation.SustainableFocuses on ensuring C4I process only essential information.DisciplinedThis characteristic is achieved by dispersing key facilities.SurvivableAllows planners to more readily integrate all levels of joint and service C4I systems.FlexibleIn order to achieve this characteristic, systems must be reliable, redundant, and timely.ResponsiveWhat is the mission of GCCS?To support the C2 function of the president and the secretary of defense, or their deputized alternates.What does GCCS provide to the president and secretary of defense?A global network of interoperable systems that provide information processing and dissemination capability necessary to conduct C2 of forces.What does GCCS provide combatant commanders?One predominant source for generating, receiving, sharing, and using information securely.What connects all GCCS sites together?DISNWhat can enable top secret GCCS information to pass over a Secret network?A NES in between the nodes creates VPN that allows TS information to run over a Secret network.What does the JFACC and his or her staff use TBMCS for?To plan, disseminate, and execute contingency plans in a theater of operations during employment of airborne assets in peacetime, exercise, and wartime environments.What four basic roles require TBMCS for interoperability between the services?Aerospace control, Force application, Force enhancement, Force support.What are the three packages in which TBMCS can be deployed?Quick response package, Limited response package, Theater response package.What TBMCS application creates the ATO?TAP.How will alert messages be displayed?As either flash, immediate, priority or routine.What level provides the wing and base commanders and accurate information for effective decision making?TBMCS unit level.Where is the ADSI's recognized air picture forwarded to at the GCCS?The COPHow many TDL tracks can the ADSI forward?4,000.What are the three computers that make up the ADSI?MLIU, MDB, TSDHow many separate links can the router perform?1How many TSDWs can be connected to each ADSI?50.The design of the tactical display framework systems is based on what?Demanding applications such as direct air support, surveillance, strike, C2, and air traffic management.Which systems serve as the Air Force's Homeland Defense battle management?BCS-F.What does a typical BCS-F OWS include?Situation display, status display and communication panel.What color is the normal background of the situation display?Black.What does the BCS-K consist of?Two computer monitors and a touch screen communications panel.The BC3 performs what battle management functions?Surveillance, early warning, combat identification weapons control, airspace management, theater missile defense, and all sources sensor data link fusion.Who does the JRE provide Link-16 connectivity between networks and C2 platforms?JICO.What type of client computers can the JRE run simultaneously on?Any workstation or laptop using Windows, MAC-OS, LINUX, or UNIXWhat networks are used for platforms connecting via long-haul communications?Satellite and terrestrial communications systems.Who is connected via the GMG?The ASOC and the JTAC.Where is the GMG housed?HMMMWV.When do OCA operations begin to take priority?When friendly forces initiate hostilities or when defensive counter air operations are successful and the enemy's air attack is nullified.How is air superiority achieved?Friendly forces want to seek out enemy air forces and their support and destroy them.Why are defensives measures designed in DCA operations?To detect, identify, intercept, and destroy or negate enemy forces attempting to penetrate or attack through friendly airspace.What is active defense?The employment of limited offensive action and counterattacks to deny a contested area or position to the enemy.What are the primary weapons for DCA operations?Fighter aircraft, surface-to-air missiles, and air defense artillery.How is it possible to generate an air picture showing friendly and hostile aircraft at a range of hundreds of miles?By mounting powerful radars in aircraft and flying them to high altitude.What is dominance of a nation's airspace crucially dependent on?Timely and accurate information of all air activity that might pose a threat.Who controls all PR assets in a combat theater?AOC.Which cell within the AOC initiates and monitors PR planning?PRCC.What personnel make up the recovery teams?Combat rescue officers, pararescue personnel, and survival evasion, resistance, escape specialists.What is the primary role of the fixed-wing aircraft?To extend the operational range of PR helicopters.Who is the airborne communication and data relay between rescue forces and command elements?Airborne mission coordinator.What are the typical targets for air interdiction?Lines of communication, supply centers, C2 nodes, or fielded forces.What targets tends to be a less-efficient use of air power?Direct attack of fielded forces, one vehicle or artillery battery at a time.Why are strike aircraft tasked for SEAD operations employed?To seek out and destroy ground-based electromagnetic emitters.What aircraft have been designed or modified to increase their effectiveness against enemy air defenses and are typically thought of as SEAD assets?The F-15 and F-1What means temporarily deny, degrade, deceive, delay or neutralize enemy air defense systems to increase aircraft survivability?Disruptive means.When targets are flown in the close proximity of friendly what is required in the delivery of weapons?Precision.Who determines which targets to attack for aircraft assigned to CAS operations?The ground commander.What missions are responsible for providing national and theater command authorities with timely, reliable, high-quality, high-altitude intelligence information?Reconnaissance.Which RECCE mission has a primary purpose of locating and attacking targets of opportunity?Armed RECCE.What type of mission is conducted for detection, locating, identifying, and evaluating foreign electromagnetic radiation?Electronic RECCE.What does Air Force doctrine state is normally one of the first and most important US military goals in a conflict?Air superiority.What is the standard armament load for the F-22 in its air to air role?Six AIM-120 AMRAAMs and two AIM-9 Sidewinders.What is the F-15's mission?To gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat.Why is the seat back angle expanded on the F-16?For pilot comfort and gravity force tolerance.For what purpose was the A-10 designed?CAS of ground forces.What unique strengths of bombers are cornerstones of America's airpower and force projection?Payload, range, and responsiveness coupled with precision attack.What B-1B features combine to provide greater range and high speed with enhanced survivability?Blended wing/body configuration, along with variable geometry design and turbofan engines.What makes the B-1B a key element of any joint/composite strike force?Speed, superior handling characteristics, and large payload.What is the altitude limit of the B-52?50,000 feet.What is the unrefueled range of the B-52?In excess of 8,800 miles.What do ISR aircraft provide?Clear, brief, relevant, and timely analysis on foreign capabilities and intentions for planning and conducting military operations.What is the Navy's all-weather, carrier based, tactical warning and control system aircraft?E-2C Hawkeye.How long can an E-3 fly a mission profile without refueling?Approximately eight hours.What does the RC-135 provide at the theater and national level?On-scene intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination capabilities.How does JSTARS pass ground force information to the Army's common ground stations?Surveillance and control datalink.What are remotely piloted aircraft?A small aircraft that are remotely controlled from the ground or fly autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans or more complex dynamic automation systems.What RPA is configured to carry two AGM-114 Hellfire missiles?Predator.What makes up a fully operational Predator system?Four sensor/weapon equipped aircraft, a ground control station, a Predator primary satellite link, and spare equipment along with operations and maintenance crews for deployed 24-hour operations.What is the mission of Global Hawk?To provide a broad spectrum of ISR collection capability to support joint combatant forces in worldwide peacetime, contingency and wartime operations.What is the range of a RQ-4A?8,700 nautical miles.What is the minimum runway length for a C-17?3,500 feet.What roles does the C-130 perform?Airlift support, Antarctic ice resupply, aeromedical missions, weather reconnaissance, aerial spray missions, fire-fighting duties, and natural disaster relief missions.What is the primary and secondary mission of the KC-10A?Aerial refueling.What is the KC-135's primary fuel transfer method?Boom.