Kayla History CH 3

kayla history ch3
What are the islands called that lie largely within the Arctic Circle, including Baffin Island, Victoria Island, and Ellesmere Island?
Arctic Islands
Name the world's largest bay.
Hudson Bay
What is the largest seaway in the world?
St Lawrence Seaway
Name the largest group of freshwater of freshwater lakes in the world.
The Great Lakes
What beautiful waterfalls are shared by the U.S. and Canada?
Niagara Falls
Name the largest lake entirely within Canada. It's also the world's seventh largest freshwater lake.
Great Bear Lake
Name the source of the Mackenzie River. It's the ninth largest freshwater lake in the world.
Great Slave Lake
What is Canada's longest river?
MacKenzie River
Name the bay famous for its extremely high tides.
Bay of Fundy
What is Canada's highest peak?
Mount Logan
discovered the North American continent
Leif Ericson
the first modern explorer to discover the New World
Christopher Columbus
the first modern explorer to reach the North American mainland
John Cabot
gave France a chim to Canada nad opened the way for a valuable fur trade between the French and Indians
Jacques Cartier
the first one in Canada
Samuel de Champlain
discovered the Hudson Bay
Henry Hudson
two English sea captains who explored and mapped the Pacific coast
Captain Cook & Captain Vancouver
wrote Anne of Gren Gables
Lacy Maud Montgomery
missionary from Virginia to the black community in Nova Scotia
David George
the "apostle of Nova Scotia"
Henry Alline
pioneer missionary to the Indians of Ontario and Manitoba
James Evans
served as the superintendent of Presbyterian Missions for Manitoba and the Northwest
James Robertson
co-discoverers of insulin for diabetes
Frederick Bantig & Charles Best
two famous Canadian missionaries to China
Jonathan Goforth & Isobel Kuhn
fundamentalist pastor known for his defense of the Bible against liberalism
TT Shields
a sea route through North America to the riches of Asia
Northwest Passage
the French claims in the New World were called this
New France
Canada's oldest business
Hudson's Bay Company
because the boundaries of the French and English territories were not clearly defined, conflicts between France and England over land
French and Indian War
Loyal to the King
refused to pledge their loyalty to the British
the world's second tallest freestanding structure
CN Tower
find gold in the river's and rocks; made Yukon famous
Klondike Gold Rush
the only public highway above the Arctic Circle that is open year-round
Dempster Highway
robotic arm for the US space shuttle
Leader of the nation
prime minister
the personal representative of the British monarch
governor general
Canada's world famous police force; formed to stop men from US from crossover to Canada
easternmost point of the Trans-Canada Highway
St Johns
Canada's oldest large city; only walled city in Canada or U.S.
Quebec City
Canada's second largest city; one of the world's largest inland ports
capital of Canada; hosts of the Tulip festival
Calanda's largest city; location of the CN Tower
Canada's leading grain market; "Gateway to the West"
Polar Bear Capital of the World
famous for its ten-day rodeo held every July
Canada's third largest city; "Canada's Gateway to the Pacific"
world rank in size
official languages
French English
kind of government
constitiutional monarchy
major industries
trade, food, automobile
national resources
minerals, forests, fishing
patriotic songs
O Canada & "God Save the Queen"
national symbol
maple leaf and beaver