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These are vocabulary words that are formed using the Latin prefix "post", which means "after". It is the opposite of our last prefix list of "pre" words which means "before".


(v.) to write on something a date that comes after the real date.
example: a postdated check


(n.) a person who takes a college class after he or she has already graduated (from college)
example: someone who is getting their Master's degree


(adj.) occurring or continuing after death; usually related to a book that is published after the author has died


(n.; adj.) the time in society that came after the Industrial Revolution


(n.) a mark printed across a stamp after it is received by the post office


(adj.) taking place after noon; p.m.


(adj.)occurring or done after death; usually related to an examination of the body after it is dead
example: an autopsy


(v.) to do something at a time or date after it was originally planned


(n.) the editing that is done after the movie, film, or video had been taped


(n.) a comment, note, or thought written after the letter is finished; p.s.

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