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  1. el asistente de vuelo
  2. el mostrador
  3. la puerta de salida
  4. el talon (accent on o)
  5. la bascula (accent on a)
  1. a luggage tag
  2. b counter or ticket counter
  3. c departure gate
  4. d scale
  5. e flight attendant (male)

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  1. pilot
  2. pilot
  3. flight number
  4. ticket
  5. customs

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  1. el control de seguridadsecurity checkpoint


  2. el maletero or la maleteratrunk of a car


  3. la seccion (accent on o) de no fumarnon-smoking section


  4. la pilotapilot (female)


  5. la tripulacion (accent on o)scale


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