What is federalism
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Define home ruleRight to create their own charter and the right to write their own charterWhat conflict can't do cities face and excepting help from the federal governmentHow to spend grant moneyWhat are ways that federal government assistance local parties in law-enforcement?Providing funds to hire more officersTo be a representative or state senator, most states require the following qualifications;Rep presented to give must be 21 years old, serve two-year term and Senate must be 25 years old, serve four-year termsDefine apportionedDivided among districts and it represents district populationHow did Reynolds v. Sims in 1964 intact apportionment?Legislators should rip reason people not trees are acres. The court ruled that the appointment of both houses of state legislator must be based on populationWhat three powers do. State legislators have to keep the executive and judicial branches and check?Must approve officials and judges appointed by the governor Approve governors budget Impeach executive and judicial officersSales tax revenuesCharge made on purchases of goods and servicesExercise tax revenuesThe charge on certain goods, such as alcohol, that's gasoline, and tobaccoincome tax revenuea tax on what individuals ans busnisses earnTwo types of funding that states receive from the federal government are:Categorical/grants and block grantsWhat are bonds and how do they help the state revenues?Certificates that people buy from the government and they raise revenue for such projects such as buildings for schools or convention centersThe rules of governors are:Chief executive, legislative leader, and judicial rollTo be a candidate for governor, you must need three qualifications:25 or 30 years old, American citizen, and resident of the stateHow is the governors cabinet different from the presidents cabinet and many states?President can select their cabinet members, well state executive officers are elected by the voters the governor may have to work with executive officials who do not share the same goals and may belong to different political partiesThe oldest unit of local government is the:CountyWho governs the countries?County boardsThe mayor council plan:Under this plan the duties and powers of city officials depend on whether the city uses a week mayor plan or a strong mayor planThe council manager plan:The council is chosen through though on election in which candidates have no political ties. Council would hire city manager to run the cityThe commission plan:Plan to reform city government, divided city government into several departments each one under Expert commissioners controlDefine utilities:Services needed by the public, such as water, gas, and electricityLocal government spend most of their money on:EducationDefine zoning:Local rules that divide a community into areas until how land in each area can be usedTaxes revenue raisings:Tax from land and buildingsService charges and profits revenue raising's:Inspecting buildings to see that they meet safty codeBarring revenues raising's:When revenue from taxes, fees, and city owned businesses are not enough to cover their cost, local governments can borrow moneyRaising shared revenues:Distributed federal tax revenues to state and local government's. Grants for a local communitiesWhat are the three levels of state courts?Trial, intermediate appellate, hgh appellateWhat is the Missouri plan?The governor appoints the judge, from a list prepared by a commission of judges, lawyers, in ordinary citizensIdentify the five types of crimes:Crimes against people Crimes against property White-collar crimes Victimless crime's Crimes against government'sSeven causes of crimes are:Poverty Rapid social change Poor parenting Drug abuse Permissive courts Not enough money for police Violence in the mediaExplain to reasons that police can make an arrest.A good reason to believe that I suspect has been involved in a crime and a person can be arrested if the police have a warrant for his or her arrestWhat is a preliminary hearing?The trial before the trial. Which judge decides not whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty but whether there is enough evidence to force the defendant to stand trialDefine indictment:A formal charge against the accusedDefine arraignment:Court hearing in which the defendant is normally charge with a crime and enters for the of guilty, not guilty, or no contest to consentWhat is plea-bargaining?Agreeing to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser charge or a lighter sentenceThree things happen in a criminal trial what are they?Jury selection, trial, and sentenceDefine lawsuits:Cases in which the court is asked to settle a disputePrinciple of compensation:"Made whole" for harm caused by another person's act Money that is paid in and the fruit to compensate or make up a lossThe principle of equity:Do use of general rules of fairness to settle conflicts And junction prevents future harmFive types of civil cases brought before the courts are:property cases Consumer cases Housing cases Domestic cases Probate casesTrust:A group of several companies organized to benefit from the high prices they all agreed to chargeMonopoly:A single business with monopoly powerGovernment and turn fiend in big business to________ and _________preserve essential service and Preevent monopolistic abuse of consumersTo protect workers, the government passed laws that:Limit work hours Set minimum wages Health coverage Social security Require employees to bargain with unionsThe jungle 1906Novel written by Upton Sinclair, describe the meatpacking industry and that the conditions were and soon after that the meat inspection act was passedFood and drug administration act:Sees that foods, cosmetics, and drugs, are safe and labeled correctlyConsumer Product Safety Commission act:Makes safety rules for products such as toys, tools, children's clothes, and household appliancesWhat was the new deal and why was it necessary?It was designed to get the economy moving again and help people in needWhat was the Social Security act and why was it and enacted?It provides a monthly payment to workers or their families to replace that income lost when a person retires, becomes injured, or dies. Enact to give people immediate help, to give American families economic security.Monetary policy:Regulation of the money supply by the federal reserve system. If the economy is slowing down and our session is feared, the said may take action to increase the money supplyFiscal policy:Government decision about the amount of money spent and the amount it collects in taxesWhat is the Environmental Protection Agency? What conditions made this agency necessary? What rules did it play within the government?It controls pollution by making rules about what and how much can be dumped into air, water, and soil Pollution, depressions, unfair business practices Government plays a role in our free enterprise economyThe goals of the United States foreign-policy are:Citizen safety, promote prosperity, world peace, democracy in other countries/tradeAmerican foreign-policy defense role:Helps the government maintain national securityAmerican foreign policy alliances role:Forms military, political, or economic alliancesAmerican foreign-policy diplomacy role:Relations and communications carried out between countries, when country disagrees, they send representatives called diplomats to talk about the issuesAmerican foreign-policy foreign aid roll:A program of giving military and economic hope to other countries, I can strengthen American policy goals for the government and political groups that are friendly to the USAmerican foreign-policy trade measures roll:US trade with other countries, one trade measure is a quota, which states how much of a foreign product can be sold in the USAmerican foreign-policy intelligence roll:Info about another country and what its government plans much of intelligence is secret info gathered by spyingFour members of the executive branch influence foreign-policy they include:President, department of state, department of defense, and national security council(congress)Foreign-policy influence of business groups:Business that trade with other nations have a direct interest in foreign-policyForeign-policy influence of labor groups:Try to get executive branch policy makers and members of Congress to protect jobs by limiting our texting Seirra and imports and by putting pressure on trading partners to buy more American productsForeign-policy influence of political groups:Anti-nuclear groups want to US to stop sending nuclear weapons to support NATO forces in EuropeForeign-policy influence of individuals:Americans who keep up with international news, and who study travel, or work abroad, learn about foreign countries and our government policies towards themWhat are the two ways that the media puts out information about candidates?Editorials - media gives their opinions on ball of measures and candidates editorials - media gives their opinions on ball of measures and candidates News reporters - on the other hand aired, is supposed to stick to the factsWhat is bias?Favoring one point of view. It's impact is by having heavier slash more content about the candidateIdentify two ways that you can spot bias in the media:Better stories than other candidates and media focuses on the negative side of a candidateHow does a presidential campaign determine how it is being received throughout the country?Manager, keeps in touch with people who run the campaign in different parts of the countryWho is the key member of presidential candidate campaign that deals with the media, and how does he or she tried to get positive coverage about the candidate?The press secretary helps make sure that media is on hand and media advisers to createWhat have media people working on presidential candidates discovered to be effective in helping their candidate?Saying bad things about the other candidate can sometimes work better than saying nice things about their own candidate Focus on image in style rather than issues and ideas