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Subpart 501 is?
Annual Airworthiness Information Reports (AAIR)
Who is responsible for submitting an AAIR?
The owner
What aircraft do not require an AAIR?
ultra-lite and aircraft that were out of service for one or more reporting periods
When must the AAIR be submitted?
on the anniversary of the aircraft's flight authority, or a date agreed to before hand by the owner and the minister
Subpart 507 is?
Flight Authority
What aircraft does this subpart apply to?
All aircraft with the exception of ultra-lite aeroplanes and hang gliders, that are Canadian or operate in Canadian airspace
The three basic types of flight authority are?
C of A, Special C of A, Flight permits.
What is the duration of a Flight Authority?
Unless surrendered, Suspended, or cancelled, or a number of days is specified in it, a Flight Authority remains in force indefinitely if the aircraft continues to meet the conditions of issue
Is the C of A transferable with the aircraft when sold or leased?
yes providing the aircraft remains registered in Canada
When is a special C of A issued?
For an Aircraft that does not meet all the requirements for a C of A
What are the classifications of a Special C of A? (5)
Provisional, Restricted, Amateur-Built, Limited, Owner Maintenance
When is a Provisional C of A issued?
For an aircraft for which a Provisional type certificate has been issued
What is a Restricted C of A issued for?
Aircraft with a type certificate in the restricted catagory, or an aircraft that has been modified and no longer complies with the basis of its original type certificate
Aeroplanes that have been accepted for use in military service, but are not conducted under CAR part 4 or 7 can operate under what special C of A?
What appendix Applies to Owner Maintenance?
507 Appendix H
What is the Maximum duration of a flight permit?
12 months
What classifications are Flight permits issued under?
Experimental, and specific purpose.
What is a specific purpose flight permit issued for? (definition)
Aircraft that do not conform to the applicable standards of airworthiness, but is capable of safe flight.
When applying for a C of A, who may attest to the "condition and conformity" of an aircraft to its certified type design?
An appropriately rated AME, or in the case of new aircraft, the Manufacturers representative, or For Amateur-Built or Owner Maintenance classification, the owner.
When applying for a C of A, how long after the condition of the aircraft was certified, must the form be submitted?
30 days
Where are the details for completeing an application for a C of A found?
507 Appendix A
Where are the details for completeing an Application for a Flight permit found?
507 Appendix B
In an emergency or when the aircraft is in a remote area, a flight permit application can be made by________.
507 Appendix A
Application for a C of A
507 Appendix B
Application for a flight permit
507 appendix C
Initial Application for a special C of A Amateur-Built
507 Appendix D
Standardized operating condition and limitations
507 Appendix E
Additional guidlines respecting the application for a flight authority
507 Appendix F
Standards respecting Ex-military aircraft
507 Appendix G
Standards respecting agricultural Aircraft weight limitations
507 Appendix H
Aircraft eligible for a special C of A Owner Maintenance
Subpart 509 is?
Export Airworthiness Certificates
Export Certification will be made only where the Aircraft is certified for condition and conformity within________ prior to the date of the application.
30 days
Following certification for exporting, the Aircraft must be________
Maintained in the certified condition throughout the issuance process
509 Appendix A
Application for an Export Airworthiness Certificate
509 Appendix B
Foreign special requirements
Subpart 521 is?
Approval of the type design or a change to the type design of an aeronautical product.
Issuance of a Type Certificate verifies that the _____ meets the applicable standard of Airworthiness
Type Design
What may an applicant request a type design for?
Aircraft engine, Aircraft Propeller, an Aircraft appliance, or an Aircraft
What are the 3 means of creating approveddata for modifications and repairs to aeronautical products as required by 571, where other forms of data are unavailable.
What does the "limited" in LSTC refer to?
Limitation with respect to serial number to which the approval applies
An RDC may be issued for what reason?
To record the approval of the repair schemes that are alternate to those repair schemes developed by the manufacturer
A reportable Service Difficulty is?
Any Defect Malfunction, or Failure or any aeronautical product affecting, or that if not corrected is likely to affect, the safety of the aircraft, its occupants or any other person
An SDR is to be submitted to TC within _________ from the time the service difficulty was first discovered.
3 working days
If an Interim SDR is submitted, when must the completed report be filed?
within 14 days
What is the purpose of Issuance of an AD?
To notify Owners of unsafe conditions, non conformance, that affects airworthiness, and the mandatory actions required for continued safe operation.
Compliance with an AD is mandatory. Failure to comply causes what?
The C of A to be out of Force
AD's for Ultra-Lite, Amateur-Built and Owner maintenance are?
Not Mandatory, although TC advises owners to take these AD's into account
Who is responsible to ensure all applicable AD's are complied with?
The Owner
Foreign AD's that must be complied with are?
those issued by the aviation authority that has jurisdiction over the type design of the aeronautical product
In the case of a conflict between TC and the foreign authority?
TC AD prevails
Equivalent notices to AD's are
Manufacturer service bulletins which are mandatory
Service bulletins are not mandatory unless?
They are Mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority or reference by an AD
Are there exemptions to AD's?
Yes, only if the applicant can demonstrate to the minister that the alternate offers a degree of safety equivalent to the AD
The Minister Distributes AD's to? (4)
Owners, manufacturers, type design holder, airworthiness authority in all known state of registry
Subpart 571 is?
Aircraft Maintenance Requirements
What aircraft are exempt from this subpart? (571)
Ultra-lite Aeroplanes, and hang gliders
When the recommendations of the aircraft Manufacturer are incompatible with those of the engine,prop or appliance manufacturer,what recommendations are used?
The aircraft manufacturer
When the Manufacturer has not made specific recommendation, what is to be used?
Standard industry practices
Recording the maintenance and elementary work is the responsibility of?
the person performing the work
Work done on an Aircraft under Part 7 must be done through?
A properly rated AMO or foreign equivalent
Persons who sign a maintenance release for a major repair or Modification shall ensure the work conforms to? (2)
approved data or specified data
"Approved data" includes?
Type certificates, STC, LSTC, RDC or other drawings and method approved by the minister
Specified data includes?
Drawings or methods in AD's, data form the manufacturer (such as service bulletins, engineering orders, SRM), and advisory circulars (AC43-13-1 and -2)
Specialized Maintenance can only be performed?
through the MPM of an appropriately rated AMO
Who may sign the maintenance release of amateur built aircraft?
who may sign the maintnenace release of Owner maintained Aircraft?
The owner who is a licensed pilot
Aircraft under part 4 or 7 maintenance release?
An AME through an AME as an ACA
What is the phrase to indicate a test flight is required?
Subject to satisfactory test flight
Who decides a test flight is needed?
The person signing the maintenance release. (satisfactory completion of maintenance cannot be confirmed on the ground)
it is acceptable to sign a maintenance release in respect of a single task, if the wording__________________
leave no doubt as to the scope of the work being certified
A Maintenance release shall include what statement?
The described maintenance has been performed in accordance with the applicable airworthiness requirements
No maintenance release is needed for?
Any task designated as elementary work in the aircraft equipment and maintenance standards
With the exception of amateur built and owner maintenance, what parts can be installed in an aircraft?
Only parts specified in the type design
Substitution of parts is permitted only when?
The substituion does not constitute major modification
A standard part is?
A part that is manufatured to a specification
A commercial part is?
A part that was not specifically designed for aeronautical use
The authorized release certificate can be used ________________
both domestically and internationally
When a used part has been borrowed through a loan agreement or a parts pool, it cannot remain in use for longer than__________
90 days
When does a used part not need a Maintenance Release? (white tag)
When it is removed form another aircraft with no intervening storage period
Life limited parts must have?
A complete history of its time in service since new to show the time in service authorized has not been exceeded
Can a Life limited part be installed on another aircraft?
Yes, if it is installed in an identical position on a product bearing the same part number
A part can be made provided?
It is not marked with a part number, and it is only installed by the person or organization that made the part
When a dual inspection is required, who assumes the responsibility of the satisfactory completeion of work.
The person performing the work
The leak check ooutlined in 571 Appendix B states the limites to be?
unpressurized 100ft/min
pressurized 2% or 100ft/min whichever is greater
ELT testing
Firts Five minutes of the hour for 5 sec
A weight and balance amendment must have a maintenance release signed by_____________
An appropriately rated AME
Subpart 573 is?
Aircraft Maintenance Organizations
An AMo certificate last how long?
until surendered, suspended, or cancelled it lasts indefinetly
What are the catagories of AMO's? (9)
Aircraft, structures, avionics, engine, propeller, welding, NDT, components, instruments
PRM must?
Have 6 years experience, have 70% in CARS exam or be a licensed AME, no convictions of the CARS, interview with transport canada,
What authorizes a PRM to assign specific Maintenance activities to another person?
An SCA can be authorized to?
sign the maintenance release for work performed on aeronautical parts
What are the 3 types of training in an AMO?
How long must an AMO keep perssonell records?
2 years
An MPM must have __________ submitted to the Minister for approval?
Each page
An MPM must be amended within_______ after recieving amendment approval?
30 days
Can An MPM and MCM be combined?
Yes, provided the AMO is an Air Operator as well and the requirements of Part 7 are followed
Only an AMO issued with a __________ may perform maintenance on an aircraft of a foreign operator.
Maintenance specification
Tech records must be kept how long?
2 years