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Technical dispatch procedures for a commercialize operator
Ensure that aircraft are not operated unless - for their intended use
Pursuant to CAR 605, a maintenance release must be completed and certified for
Any maintenance carried out on an aeronautical product
When a Transport Canada AD conflicts with an airworthiness directive from the Civil Aviation Authority holding jurisdiction over the initial type design
The Transport Canada AD prevails
Any defect, malfunction, or failure of an aeronautical product affecting. or if not corrected is likely to affect, the safety of an aircraft, its occupants, or any other persons is:
The definition of a reportable service difficulty
A special C of A, restricted, is the required flight authority for:
Both A and B
a) An aircraft with a type certificate in the restricted category
b) An aircraft that has been modified in such a manner that it no longer complies with the basis of its original type certificate
A magnetic compass is required equipment in:
is a must in all
a) Power-driven aircraft-day VFR
b) Power-driven aircraft - IFR
c) Gliders
Which of the following is true?
All Canadian aircraft, with the exception of ultra-lights and hang gliders must operate under a maintenance schedule approved under CAR 625
How must specialized maintenance be certified on small, private, piston powered aircraft?
By an appropriately rated AME authorized to sign a maintenance release under the MPM of an AMO approved for the type of specialized maintenance
A pilot-in-command may carry out an inspection for an abnormal occurrence when:
No disassembly is required
The holder of an Air Operator Certificate must
Establish a training program
Specialized maintenance may be certified by an independent AME
None of this
a) On privately registered aircraft under 12,566 lbs
b) Where no maintenance release is required pursuant to CAR 571
c) Both a and b
After an interim SDR report is filed, a complete follow-up report must be filed within days of the occurrence.
14 days
When may an aircraft be operated without a flight authority on board?
If the flight authority is a specific purpose flight permit. ferry flight, and the flight is conducted wholly in Canadian airspace.
When must a maintenance action not entered in the journey log be entered in the appropriate technical record?
As soon as practicable, but at least before the next flight
Every person who brings into use a new volume of an existing technical record shall:
Make entries relating to the preceding volume to ensure that an unbroken chronological record is maintained.
Maintenance performance rules are found in:
CARs 571, Aircraft Maintenance Requirements
Which of the following are mandatory?
Transport Canada airworthiness directives
Minimum Equipment lists:
Are a list of systems and equipment in the aircraft showing the degree to which defects may be deferred
Which of the following are parts of the technical record of an aircraft?
All of this
a) The journey log
b) Airframe log, engine log, propeller log
c) Empty weight and balance report
When is a repair to a damaged aircraft skin that is subject to pressurization loads not specialized maintenance
When the damage to the skin measures 6 inches or less in any direction
Journey log entries must be preserved:
For one year
A defect must be entered in the journey log by
The person who discovers it
If the nationality and registration marks of a heavier than air aircraft other than a helicopter or gyroplane are displayed on the lower wing surface, they must be
Not less than 19.68 inches high
Which type of flight authority do ultra-light aeroplanes and hang gliders require?
Flight authority is not required
An AMO authorized to perform 100 hr inspections would be rated for:
Which of the following organizations is the Civil Aviation Authority of the United States?
Maintenance entries in the technical record of an aircraft other than the journey log must he made by:
The person who performed the maintenance, or, where particulars are transcribed from the journey log, the aircraft owner
ATC Transponders shall be tested in accordance with Appendix F of AWM Chapter 571 every:
24 months
The allowable tolerance on airworthiness limitations is
There is no allowable tolerance
Who may certify maintenance performed on an aircraft?
A properly rated AME or RCA
ELT batteries must be replaced:
According to the ELT manufacture's recommendations
An SDR must be reported within
Defect control procedures
The holder of an air operator certificate must have
All of this mamas
a) Defect control procedures b) A quality assurance program
c) Technical dispatch procedure
Standards for flight authority are found in
AWM chapter 507
All maintenance on aircraft operating under an Air Operator Certificate must be performed and certified
Pursuant to the MPM of an appropriately rated AMO
According. to CAR Appendix C. Out of Phase Tasks. fixed pitch or ground adjustable propellers must be checked for corrosion:
Every 5 years
Update training for commercial air service personnel must occur at least
Every three years
The person responsible for the maintenance control system of a Commercial Air Service must appoint
** NONE OF THIS ****
a) A quality assurance manager
b) A production manager
What type of flight authority would an ex-military aircraft most likely have?
Special C of A - limited
A magnetic direction indicator re-calibration must be carried out:
all of this
after a lighting strike
every 12 months
after work is performed that may affect it
A large Aircraft must be reweighed:
every 5 years
Variable pitch prop tiers must be overhauled:
Where the manufacturer has made recommendations regarding the air time between overhauls at the interval recommended or every ten years, whichever comes first
Which of the following statements defines a recurring defect?
Defects are recurring defects where a failure mode is repeated three times, on a particular aircraft, within 15 flight segments of a previous repair made in respect of that failure mode.
Where is the approved inspection schedule for small, piston powered aircraft found?
CAR 625, Appendix B, Part I
An AD issued by the FAA against an aircraft with a U.S. type certificate:
Is mandatory for all aircraft with the exception of aircraft in the amateur built and owner maintenance category
Appendix C, Out of Phase Tasks is found in:
CAR 625, Equipment and Maintenance Standards
Under an approved MCM that provides for it, a flight training unit or a commercial air service may borrow a part through a pooling agreement for
100 hours or 90 days, whichever is greater
A maintenance process under which a part is removed from service or overhauled at fixed intervals defined in operating hours, operating cycles, or calendar time is defined as
A conditional maintenance release for the purpose of a test flight must contain which of the following statements:
Subject to satisfactory test flight
Requirements for the keeping of technical records are found in
CAR 605