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Car Part V subpart 73 contains regulations for?
Where would you find the standards for aircraft marking?
CAR 222
Maintenance Carried out on aircraft operated under CAR part IV and CAR part VII must be?
Carried out by an AMO
The procedure for inspections after abnormal occurrences are found in?
CAR 625 Appendix G
New regulations must be publish 60 days prior to the implementations in the?
Canada Gazzet
Commercial Air Services Standards are found in?
CAR 726
Is responsible for ensuring that applicable AD's are carried out?
the aircraft Owner
which type of flight authority is granted to an aroplane certified in the Transport Category
C of A
Maintenance means?
the overhaul, repair, required inspection or modification or removal and install or aeronautical products not including elementary work and servicing
AD's issued against an aircraft by a foreign airworthiness authority are?
Mandatory where the foreign airworthiness authority controls the type design of the aircraft
Except on amateur-built and owner-maintained aircraft, specialized maintenance must be carried out
According to the MPM of an appropriately rated AMO
A category "M" AME license is rated for
TC approvals authorizing changes to a type design may be
all of this:
a) Supplemental Type Certificate
b) Limited Supplemental Type Certificate issued before Dec 1, 2009
c) Repair Design approval
No person shall install a life-limited part on an aircraft unless:
A complete technical history of the part is available
Specialized Maintenance on an amateur-built aircraft may be certified by
The aircraft owner
Primary structure means
Structures that carry flight, ground, or pressure loads
Serviceable, in respect of an aircraft or aircraft part, means
Fit and safe for flight
How often must altimeters and altimetry devices be re-certified on aircraft operating under IFR or day 'VTR in Class B airspace?
Every 24 months
Who determines whether a test flight is required following a maintenance operation?
The AME who signs the maintenance release
Which of the following is not an aircraft type category?
A provisional registration is issued for
The purpose of importing an aircraft to Canada
With respect to keeping technical records. air time means
The time from the moment an aircraft leaves the surface until it comes in contact with the surface at its next point of landing
Which of the following is not a form of flight authority?
Provisional registration
Specification tables for aircraft position lights are found
Which part of CARs pertains to AME licensing?
Part IV, subpart 3
An AMO must appoint:
A Person Responsible for Maintenance
Where are the appropriate placards required on an aircraft operating under CARs specified?
Aircraftl type certificate data sheet
Which of the following is the overriding authority for aeronautical regulations in Canada?
The Aeronautics Act
An air operator must have
all of this
A) quality assurance program
B) A traininng program
C) Defect rectification and control procedures
Which of the following aeronautical products may he granted a type certificate by the Minister?
Aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, and appliances
The maximum maintenance experience time credits allowed in AM! licensing requirements are:
150 hours per month to 1800 hours per year
With the exception of amateur-built or owner-maintained aircraft, who may make a declaration of condition and conformity on the application for a C of A?
An appropriately rated AME, and in the case of new aircraft. an authorized representative of the manufacturer
Only an appropriately rated AME may sign a maintenance release for an aeronautical product
All of this
a) If the maintenance is performed outside Canada. the person is authorized to sign under the laws of a state that is a party to an agreement with Canada.
b) In the case of maintenance performed on an amateur built aircraft. the person is the owner of the aircraft.
c) In the case of maintenance permeated on aircraft parts. the person is authorized to sign by an AMO
When must a defect discovered in an aircraft or its equipment be entered in the aircraft journey log?
As soon as practicable. but at least before the next flight
"Large Aeroplane" means:
An aeroplane with a MCTOW of more than 5700 kg
Which of the following would be considered an Airworthiness Limitation?
This two:
a) Limitations set out by the manufacturer in the instructions for continuing airworthiness
b) Life-limited parts
Regulations governing Flights Authority are found in?
CAR 507
In cases of emergency, specific purpose flight permits are
processed by fax
Which of the following is a document issued by Transport Canada approving a change in the type design of an aircraft?
Supplemental Type Certificate
Who is responsible for ensuring the proper maintenance of a aircraft?
The aircraft owner
Particulars of maintenance entered in the journey log must be transferred to the technical log
Within 30 days of the maintenance being performed
Which special committee of the cabinet does the Aeronautics Act authorize to make regulations to carry out the Minister of Transport's mandate?
Governor in Council
An AME licence is normally valid for a period of:
6 years
CARs definition - Owner, in respect of an aircraft, means:
The person who has legal custody and control of the aircraft
A type certificate issued by Transport Canada to an aircraft manufacturer certifies that:
The aircraft design conforms to the required standards of airworthiness
CARs are authorized under:
The Aeronautics Act
CAR 102.01 indicates
A regulation
Airworthiness Regulations are found in
CAR Part V
The holder of a Restricted Certification Authority (RCA)
May certify maintenance on an aircraft in a particular case, as specified in the authority
Provisional, Restricted, Amateur-Built, and Limited are all types of:
Special C of A's