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The 24-0043 application form for a C of A must be submitted within days of the date on which the aircraft's condition was certified.
30 days
An amendment to a Weight & Balance Report must be made:
Following any change to the empty weight or C of G of the aircraft
When an aircraft is sold, the Certificate of Airworthiness:
Is transferable with the aircraft, providing the aircraft remains a Canadian registered aircraft
When the maintenance recommendations of an aircraft manufacturer differ from those of the engine manufacturer:
The maintenance recommendations of the aircraft manufacturer shall be used
Aeronautical products include:
a) Aircraft b) Aircraft engines c) Aircraft appliances All of the above
What must an AME do if an aircraft identification plate requires removal for the purposes of carry out a repair?
Re-attach the aircraft identification plate immediately after completion of the repair
The statement - Any machine capable of deriving support in the atmosphere front reactions of the air, other than a machine designed to derive support in the atmosphere from reactions against the earth's surface of air expelled from the machine, and includes a rocket, defines:
The height of the letters in the marks displayed on a heavier-than-air aircraft, that does not display marks under the wing or cabin shall be?
11.8 inches
An amendment to an aircraft weight and balance report must be certified by
The signing of a maintenance release by an appropriately rated AME
An AME can exercise the privileges of a the license only when:
Recency requirements have been met as per AWM 566
CAR 202.69(1) - The Minister shall establish, maintain and publish a register of aircraft, to be know as the:
Canadian Civil Aircraft Register
Notices to Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Owners (NAMEOs) were replaced by
Airworthiness notices
Which part of CARs contains the standards for aircraft equipment and maintenance?
CAR 625
What is the primary privilege of an AME?
To sign a maintenance release
The definition of "airworthy," in respect of an aeronautical product is:
In a fit and safe state for flight, and in conformance with its type design
Airworthiness limitation means
A limitation in relation to an aeronautical product in the form of a life limit or a maintenance task that is mandatory as a condition of the type certificate
Standards for licensing AME's are found in
AWM Chapter 566
How long must an applicant wait to attempt a rewrite after the first failure of an AME exam?
30 days
Which of the following is considered specialized maintenance on non-pressurized aircraft skin or the skin of an aircraft float?
Any repair to a skin that requires the use of a support, jig, or fixture
An AME license is not considered current unless:
All of the this
a) The license was issued in the preceding 24 months:
b) In the preceding 24 months, the holder has, for at least six months, supervised the performance of aircraft maintenance
c) In the preceding 24 months, the holder has, for at least six months, served as an aviation maintenance instructor
How many of the following are types of flight authority?
1)Transport Category
2)Certificate of Airworthiness
3)Specific Purpose Flight Permit
4)Commuter Category
An Interim Registration is issued when?
There is a changed in legal custody and control of the aircraft, and the new- owner of the aircraft intends to operate the aircraft in a commercial operation
An ELT may only be tested
During the first five minutes of any hour
A special C of A is a type of?
Flight authority
he statement "a power-driven heavier-than-air aircraft that derives its lift from aerodynamic reactions on surfaces that remain fixed during flight," defines:
An aeroplane
A special C of A, provisional, is issued for?
An aircraft with a provisional type certificate
The maximum static leak rate for the altimeter of an un-pressurized aircraft is?
100 ft/min
The standards for the inspection and testing of altimeter systems are found?
Appendix B, AWM 571
Which of the following aircraft must be maintained to the standards of Appendix C Out of Phase Tasks, of CAR 625?
All of the this
a) Aircraft operated under CAR Part IV or CAR Part VII
b) Large, turbine-powered pressurized aircraft
c) State aircraft
Which of the following is NOT a type certificate category?
Tachometer calibration must be checked:
At least every annual inspection
A damaged aircraft, which no longer conforms to its type design, but is capable of safe flight. would require which type of flight authority?
Specific purpose flight permit issued pursuant to CAR 507
An aircraft modified for aerial survey would most likely be issued which type of flight authority?
Special C of A restricted specific purpose flight permit issued pursuant to CAR 507
Following certification for condition and conformity of an aircraft by an AME for an export C of A the aircraft must:
The aircraft must be maintained in the certified condition throughout the exportation process
The person responsible for maintenance for an aircraft category AMO must:
Have at least 6 years experience in aircraft maintenance
Which of the following may be used as a source of approved data for a major modification or major repair?
**None of the of this!****
a) A repair design authorized by the holder of an aircraft certification authority
b) Applicable information in the FAA Advisory Circulars AC 43.13-1 and AC 43.13-2
c) Manufacturer's Structural Repair Manuals;
A used part does not require a maintenance release if:
It is an airworthy part removed from an aircraft and installed on another aircraft with no intervening storage period
Which AMO program consists of provisions for sampling maintenance processes to evaluate the AMO's ability to perform its maintenance in a safe manner?
Quality assurance program
A Certificate of Airworthiness must be renewed:
Remains in force indefinitely . unless suspended, surrendered, or cancelled
Which is not considered specialized work?
swagging a control cable
Which of the following- does not require a maintenance release?
Elementary work performed on commercial aircraft
Which of the following are !!! N O T !!! used for the purposes of maintaining aeronautical products?
Flight time
An aircraft operating, under CAR Part VII is:
A commercial aircraft
Generally, magnetic compasses must be re-calibrated:
every 12 months
before coming into force of CARs, type certificates issued by transport Canada were called?
Types Approvals
When a life limited part has reached the time in service authorized by its type design
The part shall he rendered unusable, or identified as not airworthy and kept segregated from airworthy parts.
A person employed by an AMO may sign a maintenance release for on-aircraft maintenance
Provided the person is an appropriately rated AME and is the holder of an ACA issued by the AM()
ELT testing must be limited to a duration of no more than:
5 secs
Amendments to an AMO's MPM must be incorporated within
30 days after approval
The holder of any Canadian aviation document must produce it on demand to:
A peace officer, the Minister, or an immigration officer