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Manufacturer Service Bulletins are
Mandatory if mandated by the civil aviation authority that controls the type design
Which of the following aircraft must be operated in accordance with an approved maintenance schedule?
all of this a) Part IV and Part VII aircraft b) Commercial aircraft c) Private aircraft
How many of the following statements concerning maintenance releases are true?
All maintenance and elementary work must be certified by a maintenance release
The following statement An alteration to the type design of an aeronautical product in respect of which a type certificate has been issued that has other than a negligible effect on the weight and center-of-gravity limits, structural strength, performance, power plant operation, flight characteristics or other qualities affecting its airworthiness or environmental characteristics defines:
A major modification
How long must technical records other than the journey log be kept?
For as long as the aircraft is registered
A person performing a major modification or repair must
Use approved or specified data
In a CARs number, the digits immediately following the decimal point
The section
Except where equipped with water activated batteries, ELT be checked in accordance with Appendix G of AWM 571:
Every 12 months
A person holding a Shop Certification Authority (SCA) is:
Authorized in the MPM of an AMO to certify maintenance on an aircraft part
Once an MEL is approved for an operator's aircraft:
The operator must operate the aircraft under the conditions specified in the MEL
General Provisions are found in?
CAR part I
What type a position light is required on the port (left) side of an aircraft?
Steady red
During the annual inspection of a private aircraft, an AME finds the engine to be faulty and beyond repair. After consulting the owner, the AME replaces the engine with an overhauled unit, and signs a maintenance release to that effect. Has the maintenance for the engine change been properly certified?
Yes, providing a dual inspection for the engine installation has been carried out
A maintenance release is required for:
All maintenance carried out on aircraft or aeronautical products, with the exception of maintenance performed on ultra-light aircraft and hang gliders
Where are the detailed task listings for elementary work found?
Appendix A, CAR 625
The aviation regulations mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority of the United States of America are called:
The FARs
When is a dual or independent check required?
After any work that disturbs engine or flight controls
When an aircraft is flying directly towards you, which of its lights would be visible?
Steady red on your right, steady green on your left, flashing anti-collision light
An AME must notify Transport Canada of a change of Address within:
7 days
Commercial Air Operators are required to have an approved system or method tbr deferring defects on each type of aircraft operated. These are known as
Minimum equipment lists
A progressive maintenance program for small piston powered private aircraft:
Must provide a complete inspection to at least the same extent of Appendix B AR 625 within each 12 month period
How often must altimeters and pitot-static systems he checked?
Every 24 months
person performing elementary work for a commercial air service must?
Have done it once under the direct supervision of a AME
Hard time intervals for aircraft equipment are found in
Appendix C, CAR 625
A "small aeroplane" has a maximum take-otfweight
15000 kg
If the second digit in a CARs number is a 4, this denotes
Advisory material
if a reportable SDR of the same nature occurs more than once on the same or similar
it must be reportted
aircraft operating under CARs Part IV are
Flight training Aircraft
The Regulations governing SDRs are found in:
CAR Part V, Subpart 21
ADs are mandatory only:
When issued by Transport Canada or a foreign Civil Aviation Authority with jurisdiction over the initial type design.
The regulations governing ADs are found in:
CAR Part V
Which of the following, is true?
NONE OF THIS ********
No person other than the holder of an AME licence has the authority to sign a maintenance release b) No person other than the holder of an AME licence authorized through the MI'M of an AMO has the authority to sign a maintenance release for specialised maintenance c) After a successful test flight, the AME who signed the conditional maintenance release must certify the test flight results
An aeroplane certified in the normal category is flown under the authority of:
The aircraft's certificate of airworthiness, provided the aircraft continues to meet the conditions of issue
How often must ELTs powered by water-activated batteries be re-certified')
Every five years
The total time from the moment the aircrali first moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off until the moment it collie's to rest at the end of a flight is known as:
Flight time
AME licences are issued in the following categories:
Ml, M2, E, S
Which of the following is true?
Holders of a combined Ml/M2 rating will not be issued E and S ratings
Form One is:
An authorized release certificate
Where are the requirements for maintenance releases found?
CAR 571
Where would the regulations and additional information on compliance with ADs be found?
CAR 521, Appendix H of CAR 625
A forum of appeals provided under the Aeronautics Act is known as:
a) Air Engineering Committee
The Civil Aviation Tribunal
No person shall install a part on an aircraft unless:
It is inspected and its accompanying documentation verified
A maintenance release shall include the following or similarly worded statement
The described maintenance has been performed in accordance with the applicable airworthiness standards.
The person Responsible for the Maintenance Control System of a Commercial Operator:
Is authorized to remove an aircraft from operation if it is unsafe
Elementary work means:
Those tasks that are listed as elementary work in the Aircraft Equipment and
Maintenance Standards, CAR 625, Appendix A
Upon selling Canadian registered aircraft to a person not qualified to be the owner of a Canadian registered aircraft the owner must
Remove the marks
If a Canadian aircraft requires the performance of maintenance in a foreign country, who may
certify the maintenance'?
A person who is authorized to sign under the laws of a state that is party to an
agreement or technical arrangement with Canada that provides for certification, or the
person holds equivalent qualifications
Appendix D of CAR 625 is:
Operator's approved maintenance schedules
Where are the standards for delegation of authority found?
AWM Chapter 505
The first digit in a CARS number represents
The part