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Where are the privileges listed for an AME license found?
AWM Chapter 566
Repairing or modifying an aeronautical product may include the making of a part in conformity with the standards specified in section 571.06 of the Airworthiness Manual, provided:
The part is not marked with a part number, and is installed by the person or organization that made the part
Which of the following most correctly constitutes the technical records of an Aircraft?
Journey Log, engine log, airframe log, and variable pitch propeller log, weight and balance report
With respect to commercially operated large aircraft, are approved maintenance schedules transferable between operators?
Approved maintenance schedules are not transferable to another owner or operator without the prior approval of the Minister.
When must a progressive aircraft inspection be carried out'?
A progressive inspection must provide a complete inspection of the aircraft within each 12 month period
Is the 24-0078 Authorized Release Certificate (Form One) used for the certification of maintenance of aeronautical products considered an international document?
Yes, the document is recognized internationally and in Canada
Who controls the authorizations for the performance of elementary work on commercial and private aircraft?
he owner is responsible for controlling authorizations to persons who may perform elementary
Where are the tasks listed for elementary work?
Appendix A, CAR 625
Is approval to carry out elementary work on a commercial aircraft required in the MPM for an A MO?
No approval for person's performing elementary tasks are required in the commercial operator's MCM
11 you transfer a part on a Part IV or VII aircraft, is a maintenance release required?
A maintenance release is not required for the part if it is an airworthy part removed from one aircraft and installed on the other with no intervening storage period — however, a maintenance release is required for the work carried out in changing the part.
How is an AME license renewed?
Licenses that have not expired may be renewed upon submission of an application form 24-0083, and payment of the appropriate charge
Who is responsible for keeping aircraft technical records?
The aircraft owner
When is an RCA(Restricted Certification Authority) issued?
The RCA holder has equivalent training and knowledge of an AME, and aviation safety is not affected
Who is responsible for ensuring that Out of Phase tasks are carried out on commercial aircraft?
The owner of the aircraft or a person delegated responsibility by the owner for the operator's maintenance control system
Which form must be used to report a major modification or major repair?
Major Repair or Major Modification Report
What is the maximum amount of time a Flight Permit shall be issued
12 months
Where are NDT tasks for an AMO that is not certified for NDT listed?
Std 571, Appendix K
What is the maximum allowable calendar time between overhauls on a variable pitch prop
10 years
How is the MPM for an AMO amended?
Proposed amendments are sent for approval to TC by the AMO certificate holder
Where are overhaul intervals for variable pitch propellers found?
a) Car 625, Appendix C, Out of Phase Tasks
AMO personnel records must be preserved:
For two years after the last entry is made
How often must an AMO carry out update training for its staff?
3 years
The cycle for update training shall not exceed three years.
When can an inspection sheet forming, part of the tech records of an aircraft be discarded?
Technical records pertaining to repetitive inspections of aircraft need only be retained until the inspection activity is repeated el In ;ion sheets may be discarded two years after the inspection has been carried out
What are the maximum AME licence time credits?
150 hrs month or 1800 hrs /yr
When an aircraft is damaged. which section of CARs is best consulted to determine whether the repair is a major or minor repair?
STD 571 Appendix A Criteria for classification of Modifications and Repairs
Which types of the licence are specific to types of work rather than types of aircraft?
Where are the standards for altimeter system test and inspection found?
STD 571, Appendix B
When may an ELT be tested?
During the first five minutes of any hour for five seconds
A special C of A provisional is issued for:
An aircraft with a provisional type certificate
After TC approval, an amendment must he incorporated into an MCM
Within 30 days of approval
The list approved by the Minister, that authorizes the operator to operate the aircraft with aircraft equipment that is inoperative is known as
Minimum equipment list
MELs are developed from:
A Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) which is published by a regulatory authority in consultation with the aircraft manufacturer and industry.
What is the requirement for keeping tech records other than the journey log?
Until the aircraft is no longer registered
Where are the standards for flight authority found?
STD 507
Who must sign a 24-0043 application for a C of A?
a) An AME must sign the certification statement
b) The aircraft owner or an authorized representative
c) The Minister
On a small, piston powered private aircraft the approved maintenance schedule in 625, Appendix B Part 1 must be carried out:
A dual inspection must be carried out:
After any work that disturbs engine or flight controls
What are the proper colors for aircraft position lights?
Steady red on left, steady green on right, steady white aft
In which case is an airworthiness directive (AD) mandatory?
When an AD is issued by the civil aviation authority that has jurisdiction over the type design
Which category(s) of AME licence is required for the certification of maintenance carried out on a Transport Category aeroplane?
M2, E, or S, depending on the nature of the work being carried out
A flight authority is:
A document attesting to an aircraft's fitness for flight
When an AME signs out a task in an apprentice AME's logbook:
The AME is certifying that the task can be completed by the person without supervision
A provisional registration is issued for
The purposes of importing an aircraft into Canada
An accountable executive must be appointed by
ALL of this again
a) The holder of an air operator certificate
b) Approved maintenance organization
c) Flight training unit operator
Which of the following are forms of approved data for major modifications or repairs?
STC, Repair Design Approval
Where are the tasks listed as specialized maintenance found?
CAR 571, Schedule II
How is an AME licence that has been expired for more than one year renewed?
The holder must submit an application form, pay the appropriate charge, and successfully complete a CARs exam
A Maintenance Control Manual is required by:
A commercial air operator
Where are the maintenance standards for commercial air operators found?
CAR 726
An application for a C of A must be submitted
Within 30 days of the aircraft's condition being certified