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Gametes are produced by _____________.


Normal human gametes carry _____ chromosomes.


Once Meiosis I is completed, all the cells are


A diploid organism whose somatic (nonsex) cells each contain 32 chromosomes produces gametes containing _____ chromosomes.


Meiosis II begins with 2 _________ cells


Meiosis I produces _____ cells, each of which is _____.

two, halpoid

Meiosis II typically produces _____ cells, each of which is _____.

four, haploid

During _____ sister chromatids separate.

Anaphase II

At the end of _____ and cytokinesis, haploid cells contain chromosomes that each consist of two sister chromatids.

Telophase I

Homologous chromosomes pair during _________

Prophase I

Synapsis occurs during _____.

Prophase I

Homologous chromosomes migrate to opposite poles during _____.

Anaphase I

During _____ chromosomes align single file along the equator of a haploid cell.

Metaphase II

During _____ a spindle forms in a haploid cell.

Prophase II

A human somatic cell contains _____

44 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomes

In alternation of generations, the diploid stage of a plant that follows fertilization is the _____.


Mitosis results in the formation of _____

two diploid cells

Meiosis results in the formation of ______

two haploid cells

Crossing over is _____.

the exchange of homologous portions of nonsister chromatids

Genetic variation occurs when chromosomes are shuffled in _____ and fertilization.


What is the Haploid Number?


Diploid number is ______


What is the result of meiosis

one set of chromosomes in each gamete


where they cross over

What are the only haploid cells in animals


Sporophyte makes haploid ________ by meiosis


Each spore grows by mitosis into a haploid organism by called a ________


Fertilization of gametes results in a ____________

diploid sporophyte

The zygote produces haploid cells by ________


Only ______ cells can go through meiosis


The two cell divisions result in ________ daughter cells, rather than _________ daughter cells in mitosis


Each daughter cells has _______ as many chromosomes as the parent cell


What happens during the first stage of Meiosis

homologous chromosomes seperate

What is reductional division?

meiosis one results in 2 haploid daughter cells

What is equational division

Meiosis II results in 4 haploid daughter cells with UNREPLICATED chromosomes

When does synapsis occur

Prophase I

What is a chiasmate?

where the x-shaped regions where crossing over occured

Are the two sister chromatids gentically similar during Metaphase II


What are cohesions?

protein complexes

What are alleles

mutations of genes

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