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Film and Culture (5th ed) Chapter 5 Quiz


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An open frame is generally employed in _____________ films, while a closed frame is generally employed in ____________ films.
realistic; antirealistic (pg. 199-202)
Composition is part of the process of planning the design of a movie. When visualizing and planning shots, filmmakers must make decisions about two elements of composition: what we see on screen and what moves on screen. What are these two elements commonly called?
framing and kinesis (pg. 196)
Consider carefully the details of the mise-en-scène in the following clips. Based on the mise-en-scène, which do you think belongs to a dystopian futuristic narrative inhabited by mostly one-dimensional characters?
Bartholomew's Song

(feedback: This clip from Bartholomew's Song aptly illustrates how mise-en-scène communicates narrative and meaning. Given the industrial and sparse location, the identical uniforms of the actors, and the strangeness of their labor, a viewer can very readily understand the world of this film without hearing any dialogue and without seeing the whole film. The production design communicates a lot in just a few seconds.
In animated films which consist of primarily computer-generated imagery, the relationship between the director and the production designer is the same as in nonanimated films, except that the production designer and his staff have
even greater control over the mise-en-scène and the entire look of the film than they could possibly have in nonanimated films. (pg. 175)
The digital revolution has affected
Almost all areas of movie-making, including makeup and hairstyling. (pg. 186-187)
The person in charge of all the countless details that go into furnishing and decorating a set, as well as supervising a variety of specialists, is called the
Set Decorator (pg. 177)
The planning of the positions and movements of the actors and camera is called
Blocking. (pg. 203)
This chapter's analysis of Chinatown describes a shot in which no one is in the frame, then suddenly a puff of smoke enters the left side of the frame. This is an example of filmmakers using both on-screen and offscreen space. Which of the following clips also uses on-screen and offscreen space?

(FEEDBACK: This shot from Kleingeld relies on the interaction between on-screen space and offscreen space. The ringing phone occurs in offscreen space, and the man reacts to the ringing phone in on-screen space.)
Unlike a static painting or picture, a motion picture moves and thus shifts its point of view. Point of view is implied by
The framing of a shot (pg 197.)
What are three elements that describe neorealism?
Nonprofessional actors, location sets, handheld camera (pg. 194)
What is figure movement?
the movement of something concrete within the frame (pg. 203)
Which of the following statements about mise-en-scène is NOT true?
Mise-en-scène has two visual components: lighting and movement. (pg. 165)
Which of the following statements about the production designer is NOT true?
The production designer is hired relatively late in the production process (pg. 173-176)
________ is a lighting technique that uses deep gradations and subtle variations of lights and darks.
Of the many personnel on a film shoot, who is responsible for aspects of visual continuity during the production process?
Script Supervisor.