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file extension

helps identify what the file is and what program opens it

.avi, .wmv, .mpg

some video file types?

.mp3, .wav, .wma

some audio file types?

.jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png

some picture files?


compressed file


a device attached to a computer used to store various media

floppy drive-A; Hard drive-C; Network drive-H; USB drive-D

what are the types of drives and their letters?

back-up our files

why do we have drives and other media?

Information Technology

what does IT stand for?


programmable machine that stores, retrieves, and processes data


brain of computer or does calculation


connects all parts together

storage device

stores information

input and output devices

interact with and get feedback from





operating system

manages files systems, controls imput and output devices, and facilitates networking

file path





hard drive - C drive




software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without a user's information consent

infectious malware

viruses and worms


trojan horses

malware for profit


pop-ups, security holes, untrustworthy files, software with malware bundled in it

what are ways we get malware?

with user interaction

how do viruses spread?

without user interaction

how do worms spread?

delete/destroy files, slow computer down, steal information, crash computers

why are viruses and worms harmful?

antivirus software

how do we get rid of viruses and worms?

an IT security device that will permit or deny traffic to protect our information

what is a firewall and why do we have it?


is a firewall software or hardware?

malware and malicious people

what do firewalls protect against?

controls where people go when they leave our network

what do filters do?

protect our computers by keeping out malware and block sites that go against our code of conduct

why do we have filters?

our information is vulnerable

why do we have security on the internet?


process of obscuring information to make it unreadable without special knowledge


study of message security

http; padlock icon

how can you tell if a website is secure?

spam and phishing

what are two things to be concerned with in email security?


electronic junk mail


con game used to gain personal information


form of authentic data used to control access to a resource

online profiling

websites that obtain as much information from the user as possible

targeted advertising

information is analyzed to present specific advertisements

privacy policy

websites will indicate what information is taken and what they do with it


files that are placed on the computer to track your online habits


two or more computers connected together via a telecom system in order to share resources and information


what do telecomm systems send?

share resources, information and communicate

why do we have computer networks in the world?

wired and wireless

what are the two types of networks?

access points

how do we connect to SUA's network?

telephone number; unique

describe an IP


all smaller networks working together in the world

radio waves

what do we use to communicate on wireless networks?

internet protocol

what does IP stand for?


are wireless networks secured by default?


how do we secure wireless networks?


what are the two main types of wireless security?


resource of information suitable for the world wide web accessed through a web browser

domain name

how we refer to websites

domain name system

what does DNS stand for?

hypertext markup language

what does HTML stand for?

what you see is what you get

what does WYSIWYG stand for?

dynamic and static

what are the two types of content that webpages usually have on them?


media files that destributed by subscription using syndication

web feed

format used to provide updated content


software that is used to collect all syndicated feeds into one place


user generated website with reverse chronological entries


website that allows visitor to add, change, remove, or edit

add, change, remove, edit

what can be don to a wiki?

collaborative software

wikis use what type of software?

social media

what are blogs and wikis types of?

Really Simple Syndication

what does RSS stand for?

word choice and sentence structure

what does tone refer to in terms of emails?

Carbon Copy

what does Cc stand for?

blind carbon copy

what does Bcc stand for?


information purposes


hide recipients name and provide security for email addresses

addressing, audience, subject lines, open and close property, grammar, proofread, and watch sarcasm

what are the guidelines for good etiquette?

email flaming

abusive messages


deliberate recurring harm through electronic messages


taking the ideas of others and offering them as your own

inadvertent and intentional

what are the two types of plagiarism?


rights that regulate an idea or expression

music, art, literary works, software and movies

what do copyrights protect?

copy, distribute, display, modify, perform

what are the five rights of copyrights?


permission given by the owner to use the work

public domain

work that isn't owned by anyone

fair use

allows educators to use copyrighted work


rights that protect inventions


sign of a business or organization

intellectual property

product of the mind that are protected under law

digital rights management

what does DRM stand for?

reverse engineering

studying things by taking them apart, and learning how they work

binary digit

what does bit stand for?


how many bits are in a byte


used to translate words or letters into binary code

artificial intelligence

capacity of a computer to learn and make decisions in order to solve problems

searching, fitting constraints, recognizing patterns, logical inferences

what are the four methods of solving problems that make up AI


finding answers based on reasoning and planning

fitting constraints

finding answers based on what fits into the confined space

recognizing patterns

finding answers by picking what matches the criteria

logical inferences

finding answer by using reasoning, inductionm, and deduction

search engine

what is an example of searchng?

police face prints

what is an example of fitting constraints?

neural networks

what is an example of recognizing patterns?

war games and video games

what is an example of logical inferences?

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