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7 sigma chi founders facts

Benjamin Piatt Runkle #1

Courageous in spirit and idealism

Benjamin Piatt Runkle#2

Pulled off his DKE badge during the dinner meeting in feb 1855

Benjamin Piatt Runkle#3

joined with lockwood in designing the white cross

Benjamin Piatt Runkle#4

white cross was inspired by constantine's vision before the battle of rome

Benjamin Piatt Runkle#5

Was suspended for fighting a guy that sneered at his badge

Benjamin Piatt Runkle#6

Only founder to become the grand consel

Benjamin Piatt Runkle#7

Was a major general for the union in the civil war

James Parks Caldwell #1

True to principle

James Parks Caldwell #2

Brought an element of creative genius to the Frat

James Parks Caldwell #3

Helped found sigma chi at 14

James Parks Caldwell #4

Graduated from Miami University at age 16

James Parks Caldwell #5

Practiced law in ohio after graduating, became a teacher in Mississippi

James Parks Caldwell #6

Enlisted in the Confederacy

James Parks Caldwell #7

captured and taken prisoner. Offered freedom if he renounced confederacy, refused. Loyal as a betch

William Lewis Lockwood #1

Honest and trustworthy through life

William Lewis Lockwood #2

Only one of the founders who wasn't in DKE

William Lewis Lockwood #3

Was 18 when sigma chi was founded

William Lewis Lockwood #4

Remembered as a business man and organizer of the group

William Lewis Lockwood #5

Known for refined tastes

William Lewis Lockwood #6

Presented with tiffany sword for services in the civil war

William Lewis Lockwood #7

first of the founders to join the chapter eternal

Isaac M Jordan #1

Energetic and faithful to every task

Isaac M Jordan #2

Was childhood friends with Benjamin Piatt Runkle

Isaac M Jordan #3

Gave the speech that outlined the Jordan Standard

Isaac M Jordan #4

Admitted to bar following hos graduation, practiced law in Ohio

Isaac M Jordan #5

Elected to congress in 1882, easily winning as a democrat in a strong Republican district

Isaac M Jordan #6

Died accidentally at the age of 55 by walking into an open elevator shaft

Isaac M Jordan #7

Left an example of what strong will and determined purpose can accomplish

Franklin Howard Scobey #1

Courteous and loyal in his friendship

Franklin Howard Scobey #2

Believed that principle outweighs blind loyalty

Franklin Howard Scobey #3

Edited Newspapers in Hamilton

Franklin Howard Scobey #4

Suffered from increasing deafness

Franklin Howard Scobey #5

Was considered The Spirit of Sigma Chi for being friendly with everyone

Franklin Howard Scobey #6

Was said to be popular even with the enemies of the founders

Franklin Howard Scobey #7

Joined Runkle in leading the rebellion against DKE

Thomas Cowan Bell #1

concerned with the qualities of learning

Thomas Cowan Bell #2

was 23 when he founded sigma chi

Thomas Cowan Bell #3

sought wisdom as a student and tried to instill that in others

Thomas Cowan Bell #4

His house in Oxford became informally known as the first chapter house of sigma chi

Thomas Cowan Bell #5

Became a lieutenant colonel, preferred to be called Major Bell

Thomas Cowan Bell #6

After the civil war he became president and principal of several schools

Thomas Cowan Bell #7

Died a day after UC berkely intiation of their chapter

Daniel William Cooper #1

Ruler of the spirit

Daniel William Cooper #2

Oldest of the founders (25 years old)

Daniel William Cooper #3

First Consul of the Alpha Chapter

Daniel William Cooper #4

Credited for contributing much to the moral and spiritual foundations of the fraternity

Daniel William Cooper #5

Entered seminary later in life and became a presbyterian minister

Daniel William Cooper #6

served as pastor at several parishes

Daniel William Cooper #7

Wore his original sigma Phi badge throughout life

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