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Film and Culture Quiz 6


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A _________ film stock is extremely sensitive to light and is therefore useful in low-light situations.
Fast (pg. 216)
A lens with a short focal length (also known as a wide-angle lens) makes subjects on screen appear farther apart than they actually are. Which image uses a lens with a short focal length?
Dr. Strangelove (pg. 229-230)
A low-angle shot is often used to
make the subject seem powerful. (pg. 245-246)
A process shot is made of action in front of a rear projection screen that has on it still or moving images for the background. Which clip is an example of a process shot using rear projection?
Death to the Tinman

FEEDBACK: This is the only clip that illustrates projection process shot (p. 264)
A shot that is in between a long shot and a medium shot is known as an American shot, a two-shot, or a medium long shot. Which still represents this kind of shot?
King's Speech

FEEDBACK: This is the only option that represents a medium long shot.
Depth of field refers to the space in front of the camera and what portion of that space is in focus. A lens with a short focal length has a complete depth of field. Which image represents a complete depth of field?
Hurt Locker

FEEDBACK: A lens with a short focal length has a nearly complete depth of field rendering most subjects in focus, as this image illustrates.
Lighting ratio is the balance between light and shadow—or the balance between the key and fill lights. Which of the following images represents high-key lighting?
THX 1138

FEEDBACK: This is the only option that accurately illustrates high-key lighting (p. 226).
The first assistant electrician on the camera crew is called the
Best boy (pg. 214)
The member of the camera crew who does the actual shooting is called the
Camera operator (pg. 214)
The process of capturing moving images on film or a digital storage device is called
Cinematography (pg. 212)
The width of the image related to its height is known as the aspect ratio. What is the aspect ratio of this image?

FEEDBACK: This image is an example of 1.33:1 aspect ratio. See pp. 233-35 for a discussion of aspect ratios.
This member of the camera crew is the all-around handyperson who works with both the camerapersons and the electricians to get the camera and lighting ready for shooting.
Grip (pg. 214)
This member of the camera crew is the chief electrician for the production.
Gaffer (pg. 214)
What is a setup?
One camera position and everything associated with it (pg. 214)
What is the three-point system with respect to lighting?
The combination of key light, fill light, and back light (pg. 225)