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Olympia de Gouges

executed for demanding equal rights for French women


French middle class

Continental System

tactic by Napoleon to close European ports to Britich goods


popular vote by ballot

geurilla warfare

war tactic of hit and rtun raids

Napoleonic Code

group of laws that reflected Enlightenment principles

Marquis de Lafayette

head of the French National Guard, he fought alongside Washington


main leader of the Reign of Terror

ancien regime

old order in which France was divided into three social classes


method for carrying out executions during the Reign of Terror


Paris prison for political prisoners


legislative body of France consisting of the three estates of French society


those nobles, clergy, and others who fled revolutionary France


working class men and women


Radical political club who supported the republic


French general who rose to become Emperor

Reign of Terror

Period in 1793-94 in which many enemies of the Republic were executed

scorched-earth policy

tactic of burning shelter, crops, and anything useful to the enemy when an army retreats


to step down from power

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