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Advanced Functions

used in higher-level operations, such as in conditional and comparison equations to compute interest rates, due dates and payment terms, and financial projections.


number of cells in a range that contain numbers.


number of cells in a range that contain value or letter.


cells that meet a condition set forth in the formula.

Date function

used to calculate a period of time.


calculates difference in days between two dates.

IF Statements

conditional operators.


used to assist in organizing spreadsheet information.


used for two column vectors.

Lookup function

used to compare a cell value to an array of cells and return a value that matches the location of the value in the array.

Non-validated List

allows additional entries other than those provided in the drop-down menu.


returns the current date.

Validated List

limits data entry to specific choices programmed into the function.


used when there are more than two columns in the array (lookup table).

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