AP Art History-Roman Art

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barrel vault

semi-cylindrical in cross section; a deep arch or uninterrupted series of arches one behind another

groin vault

formed at the point at which two barrel vaults intersect at right angles


series of engaged columns all around the siddes and back of the cella to give appearance of peripteral colonnade


outdoor arena with circular set-up and rows of seats ascending in height


large central reception area


Roman public building, generally located in the town's forum


small bedrooms


public space in middle of a Roman city


basin for rainwater

peristyle garden

with marble tables and splendid murals


dining room


narrow foyer


home office


colonnade around atrium


elliptical amphitheater in the center of Rome


aqueduct in South of France built by the Roman empire

rusticated masonry

squared-off and left with a more or less rough surface, with a deep "V" emphasizing edges of each block


the ascent of a mortal to heaven


a semicircular recess in the wall of a Roman basilica or at the east end of a church


civic building for legal and other civic proceedings, rectangular in plan with an entrance usually on a long side

Circus Maximus

famous competition with large arena

continuous narration

the convention of the same figure appearing more than once in the same space at different stages in a story

encaustic painting

technique in which pigment is mixed with hot wax and applied to the surface while hot

equestrian portrait

a portrait of a Roman on his horse; conveys pride and authority


a multistory apartment ouse, generally made of a brick-faced concrete; also refers to an entire city block


round central opening of a dome


hot water section of a Roman bathing establishment


the cold-bath section of a Roman bathing establishment


warm water section of Roman bathing establishment


painting method, using pigment mixed with egged yolk


super realism; as seen in Republican portraits

engaged column

column embedded in a wall and partly projecting from the surface of the wall


Subterranean network of rock cut galleries and chambers, designed as cemeteries for burial of dead


conventional arrangements of flowers, foliage or fruit bound and suspended by ribbons


continuous, narrow surface (projecting or recessed) designed to break up a surface, to accent or to decorate


an ornament, usually in bands but also covering broad surfaces, consisting of interlocking geometric motifs

broken pediment

a pediment open or broken at the apex; gap filled with an urn, cartouche, or other ornament


sunken panel in the shape of a rectangle, square, or octagon in a ceiling or vault; used in Pantheon's construction to keep it light with such a big dome


upright part of building on which a dome is raised


painted, carved, or sculpted ornament having a circular ornament parts radiating out from the center like petals of a rose


seven-branched candelabrum; symbol of Judaism for nearly 3000 years and emblem of Israel


space between an arch and a rectangular enclosure or two arches

atmospheric perspective

as distance between an object and viewer increases, contrast between the object and it background is reduced

still life

paintings (and sometimes sculpture) that depict familiar objects such as household items and food.


circular work of art; either a painting or a sculpture


any object with two flat plates attached a hinge

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