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Terms about Keyboarding and Technology Terms
a measure of error in keyboarding.
arrow keys
keys used to move the cursor up, down, left, right, around screen.
backspace key
key used to back up and erase the character or space to the left of the cursor.
caps lock
a key on a computer keyboard or typewriter that if pressed once causes all subsequent letters to be typed as a capital letter.
control key
a key used to give another set of commands. control (ctrl) commands are commonly shortcuts. for example, pressing ctrl+s in many programs saves a document in the same fashion as selecting save from the file menu.
visually distinct mark that shows the point on a display screen where the next letter, number, symbol, or space will be entered.
delete key
the key selected to remove selected text or objects.
double space
horizontal line spacing which leaves one blank line space between displayed or printed lines.
enter key
the key pressed to begin a new line in a word processor, or to signal the computer that data
escape key
A key that lets the user cancel the last operation and go back to the previous screen
homerow keys
on the keyboard the (left hand: f d s a and right hand: j k l ;)
the process of striking keys to record and display words and data
an arrangement of keys on a "board" that is attaced to a computer used to input data
a device that displays text and graphics generated by a computer
a device that controls the pointer on the screen
pad on which mouse operates
numeric keypad
section of a keyboard, set up like an adding machine or calculator
to produce a paprr copy of information displayed on a monitor,. A user can also priny files, faxes, and screens
a device that produces a paper copy of the information on your screen
to read text (copy) on the monitor or on a printout and to correct errors
to store a document for future use
shift key
a key used to make capital letters and certain symbols when pressed in combination with another key
single space
to leave no space between lines of text in a document
space bar
a long bar at the bottom of a keyboard used to create a blank space in text, moving to the right one space at a time
spell check
a program available in many computer applications that check spelling
tab key
when pressed, moves cursor to settings that are used to line up columns of text in a document or to move to data entry areas in programs or dialog boxes
word processor
software that can be used to produce documents, including letters, reports, manuals, and newsletters
words per minute

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