6.8 Web Threat Protection

Which of the following prevents access based on website ratings and classifications?
Content filtering
Which of the following is a valid security measure to protect e-mail from viruses?
Use blockers on e-mail gateways.
Drag the Web threat protection method on the left to the correct definition on the right.
Prevents visiting malicious Web sites.
Web threat filtering.

Prevents outsided attempts to access confidential information.
Antiphishing software.

Identifies and disposes of infected content.
Virus blockers.

Prevents unwanted email from reaching your network.
Gateway email spam blockers.

Prevents visiting restricted Web sites.
URL content filtering.
You are investigating the use of Web site and URL content filtering to prevent users from visiting
certain Web sites.
Which benefits are the result of implementing this technology in your organization? (Choose
Enforcement of the organization's Internet usage policy.

An increase in bandwidth availability.