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  1. a laceration that lies perpendicular to the skin's tension lines:
  2. During the process of the wound healing, hemostasis:
  3. When caring for a patient with an open chest wound, you should:
  4. In addition to the bleeding and contamination, the MOST immediate danger associated with an avulsion is:
  5. You have dressed and bandaged a location to the arm of a 16 year-old woman and are transporting her to the hospital. en route, the patient complains that her fingers are tingling. You touch her hand and note that it is cool. You should:
  1. a often remains open, heals more slowly, and is more likely to result in abnormal scar formation.
  2. b temporarily stops bleeding via vasoconstriction and platelet aggregation.
  3. c a loss of blood supply to the avulsed flap.
  4. d readjust the bandage if needed and reassess distal neuromuscular function
  5. e frequently assess breathing sounds for indications of a pneumothorax.

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  1. your safety, BSI, SS
  2. they are often obvious, but are seldom the most life-threatening.
  3. integument
  4. Plavix
  5. it allows platelets to seal the vascular walls.

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  1. A patients taking _______ would MOST likely experience a delay in the healing of a wound.requires prompt transport to the hospital


  2. When muscles are crushed beyond repair, tissue necrosis develops and causes the release of harmful products. This process is called:they provide a medium for pathogens to grow


  3. You are dispatched to a residence for a man who cut his hand with a chainsaw. Upon arriving at the scene, your first action should be to:is limited because the skin is unbroken.


  4. The use of wet dressings in the field is limited because?integument


  5. After controlling the bleed from a grossly contaminated open wound to the leg, you should next:frequently assess breathing sounds for indications of a pneumothorax.