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  1. Which of the following patients is at HIGHEST risk for a pressure injury?
  2. While hiking, a 24 year-old woman was pinned from the waist down under a rock that collapsed on her. Upon your arrival, the patient is conscious and alert, and states that she can't feel her legs. She further tells you that she thinks she's been pinned for about 5 hours. She is breathing adequately and she has stable vital signs. In addition, to administering supplemental oxygen, you should:
  3. Which of the following statements regarding crush injury is MOST correct?
  4. When the ambient temperature is high:
  5. You are the first unit at the scene of a small building collapse. As you exit the ambulance, you can see a man pinned under a large metal beam. You should:
  1. a Crush syndrome can occur if the body parts is entrapped for more than 4 hours.
  2. b a bed-ridden patient
  3. c immediately request a special rescue team.
  4. d blood vessels in the dermis dilate, which increase blood flow to the skin and allows heat to dissipate
  5. e start two large-bore IV lines of normal saline, apply a cardiac monitor, and contact medical control before removing the rock from her legs.

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  1. histamine causes vasodilation and increased blood flow to the injury
  2. Plavix
  3. providing the immune response for the body
  4. triggers mast cells to degranulate and synthesize special chemical mediators, which cause the injured area to become warm and red.
  5. elastic bandages

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  1. A 22 year-old man was struck in the forehead by a softball. He is conscious and alert, but complains of a severe headache. Your assessment reveals a large hematoma to his forehead. His vital signs are stable and his breathing is adequate. You shouldapply an ice-pack to the hematoma and monitor his level of consciousness.


  2. A crushing or tearing amputation:can result in excessive blood loss due to hemorrhage if the paramedic does not intervene rapidly.


  3. Which of the following interventions encourages drainage from the site of a closed wound and reduces swelling?Crush syndrome can occur if the body parts is entrapped for more than 4 hours.


  4. A young woman attempted to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. Bright red blood is spurting from the injury site. After applying direct pressure, you should:a bed-ridden patient


  5. In contrast to a contusion, a hematoma is:caused by large vessel damage.


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