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  1. Which of the following medications would MOST likely interfere with hemostasis?
  2. A 63 yr old diabetic woman presents with an open wound to her forearm that she experienced when she fell a week ago. She tells you that the wound has been draining purulent fluid, but has not been bleeding. The wound itself is red, inflamed, and warm to the touch. You should:
  3. In contrast to a contusion, a hematoma is:
  4. The swelling that occurs in conjunction with a contusion is cause by:
  5. During the process of the wound healing, hemostasis:
  1. a Plavix
  2. b leakage of fluids into the spaces between the cells.
  3. c apply a dry, sterile dressing and transport her to the hospital.
  4. d temporarily stops bleeding via vasoconstriction and platelet aggregation.
  5. e caused by large vessel damage.

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  1. Crush syndrome can occur if the body parts is entrapped for more than 4 hours.
  2. elastic bandages
  3. it allows platelets to seal the vascular walls.
  4. they are often obvious, but are seldom the most life-threatening.
  5. motion of the extremity may disrupt the blood clotting process.

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  1. When caring for an amputate body part:early notification of the hospital is important


  2. a laceration that lies perpendicular to the skin's tension lines:often remains open, heals more slowly, and is more likely to result in abnormal scar formation.


  3. The use of wet dressings in the field is limited because?they provide a medium for pathogens to grow


  4. Which of the following patients is at HIGHEST risk for a pressure injury?Cardiac arrest patient with an ice pick impaled in the center of the back.


  5. You are the first unit at the scene of a small building collapse. As you exit the ambulance, you can see a man pinned under a large metal beam. You should:covering it LIGHTLY with a sterile dressing.