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  1. Which of the following statements regarding lacerations is MOST correct?
  2. Signs and symptoms of compartment syndrome include all of the following EXCEPT:
  3. The First aspect to address in any patient with soft-tissue injury is:
  4. A 30 year-old man presents with jaw and neck stiffness and a fever. During your assessment, he tells you that he cut his hand on a piece of metal about a week ago. You should be MOST suspicious that this patient has:
  5. A young woman attempted to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. Bright red blood is spurting from the injury site. After applying direct pressure, you should:
  1. a your safety, BSI, SS
  2. b The seriousness of a laceration depends on its depth and the structures that have been damaged.
  3. c Erythema
  4. d elevate her extremity above the level of the heart
  5. e tetanus

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  1. make every effort to treat the patient before removing the crushing object.
  2. consist of nonliving cells that are continuously being shed.
  3. Crush syndrome can occur if the body parts is entrapped for more than 4 hours.
  4. is limited because the skin is unbroken.
  5. immediately request a special rescue team.

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  1. Whether the contamination from an open wound produces infection depends MOSTLY on;is limited because the skin is unbroken.


  2. You have dressed and bandaged a location to the arm of a 16 year-old woman and are transporting her to the hospital. en route, the patient complains that her fingers are tingling. You touch her hand and note that it is cool. You should:new blood vessels from the body attempts to bring oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissue.


  3. During the neovascularization phase of the wound healing process:new blood vessels from the body attempts to bring oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissue.


  4. The swelling that occurs in conjunction with a contusion is cause by:leakage of fluids into the spaces between the cells.


  5. While hiking, a 24 year-old woman was pinned from the waist down under a rock that collapsed on her. Upon your arrival, the patient is conscious and alert, and states that she can't feel her legs. She further tells you that she thinks she's been pinned for about 5 hours. She is breathing adequately and she has stable vital signs. In addition, to administering supplemental oxygen, you should:frequently assess breathing sounds for indications of a pneumothorax.