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  1. Elevation of a bleeding extremity:
  2. Renal failure, a key complication of crush syndrome, can be prevented by:
  3. Which of the following statements regarding crush injury is MOST correct?
  4. Which of the following conditions or factors would MOST likely delay or impair healing of a wound.
  5. A patients taking _______ would MOST likely experience a delay in the healing of a wound.
  1. a Crush syndrome can occur if the body parts is entrapped for more than 4 hours.
  2. b Diabetes
  3. c Corticosteroids
  4. d helps control the bleeding when used in conduction with direct pressure.
  5. e aggressively infusing normal saline.

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  1. suction the blood from his mouth and assist ventilations with a bag-mask.
  2. covering it LIGHTLY with a sterile dressing.
  3. it is caused by a HUMAN or ANIMAL bite
  4. apply an ice-pack to the hematoma and monitor his level of consciousness.
  5. irrigate with sterile water and apply a sterile dressing.

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  1. Which of the following medications would MOST likely interfere with hemostasis?a bed-ridden patient


  2. Necrosis of tissue caused by an anaerobic, toxin-producing bacterium is called:gangrene


  3. When muscles are crushed beyond repair, tissue necrosis develops and causes the release of harmful products. This process is called:frequently assess breathing sounds for indications of a pneumothorax.


  4. In contrast to a contusion, a hematoma is:caused by large vessel damage.


  5. Which of the following substance is produced in the dermis and keeps the skin SUPPLE so that it doesn't crack.SEBUM