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1. Tape Occlusion (pt. applied)
-uses: young children, afraid of needles
-effectiveness: 16-21%
-cover w/ duct tape x1 wk, removed for 12 hours & reapply
-evaluate after 1 wk & removed macerated tissue
-repeat til wart resolves (4-6 wk)
-only works w/ limited number of lesions & pt. compliant
-difficulty: keeping tape in place
2. Cryotherapy (OTC & physician applied)
-destructive Tx of skin (cold doesn't kill HPV)
3. Electrodesiccation & Curettage or Electrocautery
-small= touched w/ hot wires & wiped away
-electrical units can be placed on fulguration or coagulation setting & warts coagulated w/ ball tips
-moisten 1st
-can grasp w/ metal forceps & touch cautery tip to forceps
-anesthetized all lesions
-curette 1st & coagulate base
-advantage of using curette: abnormal tissue w/ separate from normal skin= defines what is abnormal tissue
-sharp disposable curette
-disadvantage: prolonged healing w/ open sore, *scarring & pain
4. Laser
-disadvantage: expensive
-advantage: control of depth & removal of correct amt.
-decrease # of Tx w/ salicylic acid
5. Infrared Coagulation (Redfield)
-advantages: quick & effective
-place probe on wart for 0.75-1 sec, pull trigger
-local a must
-blistering, sloughing, & superficial ulceration expected
-scarring possible
6. Excision
-pedunculated & filiforms: grasp w/ pickups & excise w/ tissue scissors, curette, or blade
-?Candida antigen w/ lido mixed per Pfenninger protocol as local before excision to promote resolution
-after removal cauterize the base lightly (control bleeding & destroy residual tissue)
-very rarely need sutures (discouraged on foot)