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ruled Egypt from about 1640 to 1570; invasion shook the Egyptians' confidence in the desert barriers that had protected their kingdom

New Kingdom

the period of ancient egyptian history that followed the overthrow of the hyksos rulers, lasting from about1570 to 1075 B.C.


declared herself pharaoh because her stepson; the male heir of the throne was to young at the time

Thutmose III

Hatsheput's stepson; proved to be much more warlike ruler. He was very eager to ascend the throne and may have killed Hatsheput


an ancient region in the Nile River Valley, on the site of present-day southern Egypt and northern Sudan

Ramses II

after fighting with the Hittites in Kadesh; pharaoh Ramses II and Hittite king made treaty that promised "peace and brotherhood between us forever


Egypt dominated Nubian Kingdom Kush for about a thousand years; Egyptians raided and occupied Kush then Kush began to emerge as a regional power


Overthrew the Libyan dnyasty that had ruled Egypt for over 200 years; he united the entire Nile Valley from delta in the north Napata in the south


After defeating the Assyrians, Kushite royal family moved south ot Meroe; Meroe lay closer to the Red Sea than Napata did

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