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unknown is solid, malleable, shiny silver color, but does not conduct electricity and is brittle


unknon has a high melting point, good ductility, is malleable, and has a great tensile strength


solid at room temperature, dull in appearance, brittle, poor conductivity.


object conducts electricity and can be pulled into a thin wire.


object has low boiling point, poor conductivity, low density, and very brittle


object is tan in color, attracted to a magnet, and is sonorous


unknown has low tensile strength, poor malleability, and poor conductivity


object lights up the bulb which was attached to a 6 volt battery, silver in color


object makes a good conductor, very ductile, metallic luster, and high boiling point


pale yellow in color, is brittle, is solid, has no shine, is not malleable, and is poor conductor.

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