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What means the absence of disease?


____________ - is an optimal condition of body and mind

Physical Fitness

____________- the ability to perform moderate to vigorous levels of activity without undue fatigue

Hypokinetic Disease

____________- conditions that can be triggered or worsened by too little movement or activity


____________- a stepwise process of making a series of small changes

spiritual wellness, physical wellness, intellectual wellness, emotional wellness, social wellness, environmental wellness

The six dimensions of wellness are:

heart disease

What is the leading cause of death in americans?

precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, termination

What are the 6 stages of Behavior Change by Prochaska


In which stage of behavior do people have no intent to change?


In which stage do people recognize that they have a problem and that they need change?


In which stage are people within a month of so of action


in which stage are people beginning to execute their action plans?


in which stage do people work to prevent a relapse into old habits?


in which stage is the new behavior ingrained in people?


____________- physical activity that is planned or structured

physical activity

____________-any bodily movement that is done by skeletal muscles that results in energy being used

overload principle

what principle states: subjecting the body to more physical activity than it is used to

principle of progression

which principle states: a gradual increase in a training programs intensity, frequency and or time?

10% rule

the principle of progression is also know as the____________?

principle of specificity

which principle states: the concept that only the body systems worked during training will show adaptions

principle of reversibility

which principle states: the concept that training adaptations will revert towards initial levels when training is stopped

principle of individuality

which principle states: refers to the variable nature of physical activity dose-response or adaptation in different people

principle of recovery

which principle states: your body needs time to rest from the physiological and structural training stresses that you place on it

FITT formula

____________- a formula for designing a safe and effective exercise program that specifies 4 things

frequency, intensity, time, type

what does the FITT formula stand for?

gain health benefits, to be more fit, socialization

what are 3 common reasons for starting exercise?

specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, time oriented

What are SMART goals?

cardiorespiratory fitness

____________-the ability of your cardiovascular and respiratory systems to supply oxygen and nutrients to large muscle groups for continual activity


___- the body's form of energy. stored in muscles

cardiac output

____________- the amount of blood exiting your heart in 1 minute

1. immediate energy system
2. aneraobic energy system
3. aerobic energy system

know the 3 metabolic systems

immediate energy system

which metabolic system is quick access to energy for explosive activities

aneraobic energy system

which metabolic system breaks down glucose without oxygen quickly for activity needs in the first 2-3 minutes of exercies

aerobic energy system

which metabolic system utilizes oxygen to break down fat, glucose and protein for sustained activities

muscular strength

____________- the ability of a muscle or a group of muscles to contract with maximal force

muscular endurance

____________- the ability of a muscle to contract repeatedly over an extended amount of time

muscular fitness

____________-the ability of the muscular skeletal system to perform daily or recreational activities without undue fatigue


____________- the ability of muscles to contract with force and speed

resistance training

____________- when you put measured stressed on the muscular skeletal system. results in greater strength endurance


____________- used more by athletes than by casual exercisers. mimic quick explosive sport actions. like power lifting

ergogenic aids

____________- dietary supplements that are marketed for promoting muscle conditioning

anabolic steriods

____________- synthetic drugs related to testosterone


____________- legal supplement containing amino acids

tendons, muscle fibers and myofibrils

what are the 3 types of muscle fibers


____________- connective tissue

muscle fibers

____________- individual muscle cells


____________- strands containing protein filaments


____________- dynamic muscular movement


____________- shortens the muscle during movement


____________- lengthens the muscle during movement


____________- static and no muscle movement


____________- consistent muscle contraction speed. like weight lifting

1 or 20 RM tests, grip strength, calisthenics

What are 3 ways to identify muscular fitness?

pectoralis major

this muscle draws arm forward and toward the body

biceps brachii

this muscle bends forearm at elbow

rectus abdominis

this muscle compresses abdomen and bends spin forward

external obliques

this muscle gives lateral rotation of trunk and abdomen compression also

quadriceps group

this group of muscles flexes the thigh at hips and extends the lower leg at knee


this muscle raises the arm

latissimus dorsi

this muscle rotates the arm and draws it backward and toward body

triceps brahii

this muscle straightens forearm at elbow

gluteus maximus

this muscle extends thigh and rotates thigh laterally

hamstring group

this group of muscles draws thigh backward and bends lower leg at knee


____________-the ability of joints to move through a full range of motion


____________- fibrous connective tissue (bone to bone)

static stretching

____________- involves moving slowly into a stretch and holding it

ballistic stretching

____________- involves bouncy jerky movements to stretch

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