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what is a seed

a structure that can grow into a new plant

what is an embryo?

a young plant

what part of a plant holds stored food ?


what are the stages of a plant?

seed planted in soil
seed germinates & roots start growing down in soil
roots grow longer and stem pushes up out of ground
plant grows leaves and starts to make own food

what is the plant structure that makes seeds?


what are the two parts of the flower that help it makes seeds


what is the male part of a flower?


what is the female part of the flower


what are ways pollen can get to an egg?


what is the movement of pollen from the male part of a flower to the female part called?


what is a life cycle?

how a certain kind of organism grows, changes and reproduces.

what does a plants life cycle include

germination, growth and death

what are cones?

plant structures that make seeds

what is the name of a plant that reproduces using cones?


name one plant that does not grow from a seed?


what is the lifecycle of a frog

tadpole -swim and breath with gills
grows legs and lungs

what is a series of very different body forms called?


what is the life cycle of a butterfly

larva-insect hatches
pupa-forms hard shell

what is a trait?

a characteristic or feature of a living thing

give 2 examples of a human trait?

eye color
hair color

what is heredity?

the passing on of traits from parents to young

what are inherited traits?

the actual traits that come from parents

what are 2 examples of a flowers inherited traits?

a flower's shape and color

what are 2 examples of human inherited traits?

eye color
hair color

what is offspring?

an organism's young

what are learned traits?

when people and animals gain new skills and traits over time.

what are 2 examples of human learned traits?

riding a bike
speaking a new language

are learned traits passed passed on from parents to offspring?


how does a frog begin it's life cycle?


a young plant inside a seed is a ?


an organism goes through different stages during it's ?

life cycle

when an insect hatches from an egg, it is called a


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