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Kennedy Journalism, Editorial, Newspaper Class,


A newspaper article giving opinions or perspectives


Place where writer's name goes


biased, writer's opinion

Subjective Writing

Type of writing that expresses point of view and is not concerned with being impartial


a personal belief or judgment, cannot be proven

should back up opinions, can be proven


Types of editorials

Persuade, Explain, Praise, Criticize, Entertain


Truths; information that can be prooved

News Peg

Editorial that connects to a news story


Lays out issue, concern, or problem


Newspaper's, personal, and other's _____ to an event or article

Details and Arguments

Writer fully explains the issue and notes both sides of the issue


Restates idea, point of view, and issues a call to action


Uses facts or arguments to convince people to think as the newspaper does on a certain issue


Gives readers insight to a complicated issue


Take issues with decisions, reactions, policies, or people


Praise a person, board, or event


Written with humor; hardest to write

"We" Voice

First person, represents opinion of staff

Opinion Columns

Column that is written in the first person, opinion of writer

Letters to the editor

Written by readers; sent in

Editorial Cartoons

Nationally syndictaed, local, drawn

Praise Tip

Don't go over-board

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