HIM220 Healthcare Statistics Ch 6

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death rate

proportion of inpatient discharges that end in death, usually expressed as a percentage.

Gross death rate a.k.a. hospital death rate

[# inpatient deaths (including NB) in a period / # discharges (including NB)] x 100

case fatality rate

(# people die of disease in specific period / # people have the disease) x 100

death rate guidelines

total discharges include deaths for that period in denominator unless otherwise specified. If deaths of NB inpatients included in numerator, all discharges of NB inpatients must be included in denominator. NB included in gross death rate unless facility chooses to calculate it separately. Patients who are DOA (dead on arrival) not included in gross death rate. Patients who die in ER not included in gross death rate. Hospital outpatients not included in gross death rate. Fetal deaths not included in hospital death rate. Usually carried 3 decimal places then round to two. Put 0 in front of . (0.23%).

Net death rate a.k.a institutional death rate

[total # inpatient deaths (inc. NB) MINUS deaths <48 hrs for period / total # discharges (inc. NB) MINUS <48 hrs from the same period] x 100 - a question on test will provide lots info but only ask for NET DEATH RATE so remember to minus out <48 hrs in this formula

Postoperative death rate a.k.a. Surgical Death Rate

[total # deaths (w/in 10 days after surgery) / total # patients who were operated on for the period] x 100

surgical operation

one or more surgical procedures performed at one time for one patient via common approach or for common purpose.

surgical procedure

any single, separate, systematic process upon or within the body that can be complete in itself; normally performed by physician, dentist, license pratictioner


occurs at end of patient's stay - deaths, those who leave alive, patients transferred to other facilities for care

anesthesia death rate

(total deaths caused by anesthetic agents / total # of anesthetics administered) x 100 - percentage usually very low - pay attn on test if asking for just general, regional or local or all

maternal death

death of any woman from any cause related to or aggravated by pregnancy or its mgmt (but NOT from accidental or incidental causes)

maternal death rate

[# direct maternal deaths for period / # of OB discharges (inc. deaths) for the period] x 100 - delivered, aborted, postpartum, prepartum should be included in total OB discharges in denominator & in numerator if mother dies

Vital Statistics for Maternal Mortality Rate

(# deaths attributed to maternal conditions during a period x 100,000) / # births during period - pay attn to # she is asking for i.e. 1,000/10,000/100,000 to substitute in place of the 100,000 in formula if neededremember NOT to put a percentage signanswer i.e. # per 100,000 births

WHO Maternal mortality rate

(# maternal deaths x 100,000) / # live births

Neonatal death

death of live newborn infant w/in 27 days, 23 hrs, 59 min from birth

postneonatal death

death of live newborn infant from 28 days of birth to the end of first year of life at 364 days, 23 hrs, 59 min from moment the moment of birth

infant death

death of a liveborn infant at any time from the moment of birth to the end of the first year of life at 364 days, 23 hrs, 59 min from moment of birth

perinatal death

all inclusive term referring to both stillborn infants and neonatal deaths

newborn mortality rate a.k.a. newborn death rate

[total # NB deaths for a period / total # NB discharges (inc deaths) for the period] x 100

vital statistics for neonatal mortality rate

(# neonatal deaths during a period x 1,000) / # live births during the period - remember this is not a percentageanswer would be # per 1,000

vital statistics for infant mortality rate

[# infant deaths (neonatal & postneonatal) during a period x 1,000] / # live births during the period - remember this is not a percentageanswer would be # per 1,000

fetal death rate

[total # intermediate and/or late fetal deaths for a period / (total # of live births + intermediate and late fetal deaths for the period)] x 100

early fetal death

<20 weeks gestation and weight <500g

intermediate fetal death

20 completed wks gestation but less than 28 wks and weight 501-1,000g

late fetal death

28 completed wks gestation and weight 1,001g+


intermediate and late fetal deaths

cancer mortality rate

(# cancer deaths during period x 100,000) / total # in population at risk - remember this is not a percentageanswer would be # per 100,000

crude death rate

based on entire US population

mortality rate

measures risk of death for the cause under study in a defined population during a given period of time.


*if the problem does not say that deaths are included in the discharges then consider them included*

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