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(v.) to stop proceedings temporarily; move to another place.
Syn:postpone, suspend, discontinue
Ant: open, call to order


(n.) a citizen of another country; (adj.) foreign, strange.
Syn - (adj) exotic, unfamiliar
Ant - (adj) native, endemic, familiar


(adj.) having a nice appearance or pleasing.
Syn - good-looking, attractive, bonny
ant - plain, homely, ugly, repulsive


(v.) To make up for; to repay for services.
Syn - pay back, reimburse, recompense
Ant - fail to reward, stiff


(adj.) loose in morals or behavior.
Syn - dissipated, debauched, immoral, corrupt
Ant - fail to reward, stiff


(adj.) inconsistent; unexpected; undependable.
Syn - irregular, inconsistent, unpredictable
Ant - steady, consistent, dependable


(n.) the process of driving or forcing out.
Syn - ejection, ouster, eviction
Ant - admittance, admission


(n.) a deceptive move; a pretense; (v.) to make a deceptive move; to make a pretense of.
Syn - (n) trick, ruse, subterfuge, dodge, bluff


(n.) food for horses or cattle; (v.) to provide food for livestock.
Syn - feed, provender


(v.) to strengthen, build up.
syn - reinforce, shore up
Ant - weaken, undermine, sap, impair


(adj.) difficult or impossible to read.
Syn - unreadable, indecipherable, scribble
Ant - readable, decipherable, distinct, clear


(v.) to make fun of rudely or unkindly; (n.) a rude remark of derision.
Syn - (v) laugh at, mock, taunt
Ant (n) applause, plaudits, accolades


(adj.) profitable; moneymaking.
Syn - gainful, moneymaking
Ant - unprofitable, losing, in the red


(adj.) ordinary, undistinguished.
syn - run-of-the-mill
Ant - exceptional, outstanding, distinguished


(v.) to reproduce or spread rapidly.
Syn - multiply, mushroom, burgeon
Ant - decrease, diminish, dwindle, slack off


(v.) to conquer by force, bring under complete control.
Syn - subdue, vanquish, master
Ant - be conquered, submit, surrender


(v.) to stain, tarnish, defile.
Syn - pollute, taint, smear
Ant - cleanse, purify, decontaminate


(v.) to torment by teasing.
Syn - tempt, lead on, make one's mouth water
Ant - satisfy, fulfill, gratify


(adj.) brief and to the point.
Syn - concise, succinct, crisp, short and sweet
Ant - verbose, wordy, diffuse, prolix


(adj.) firm, showing no signs of fear, not drawing back.
Syn - resolute, steadfast, unwavering
Ant - irresolute, wavering, vacillating

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