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Ordering questions

What are the questions to these answers? Put the questions in order.

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Where does Alina live?
Alina lives in Etxarri.
What does 'Lore' mean?
Lore' means 'flower.
What type of house does Mikel live in?
Mikel (He) lives in a farm house.
What is Ane's father's job?
Ane's (Her) father is a fisherman.
What is Maialen's favourite sport?
Maialen's (Her) favourite sport is handball.
What is Iñigo and Garazi's favourite subject?
Iñigo and Garazi's (Their) favourite subject is P.E.
What is Irati's dog called?
Irati's (Her) dog is called Rufu.
Why does Lin have to walk six kilometres every day?
Lin has to walk six kilometres every day because there is no school bus.
Why does Maddi live with her aunt?
Maddi (She) lives with her aunt because her mother is ill.
Where does Paul's mother work?
Paul's mother (She) works in a shoe shop.
Where do Julia and Daniel go on holiday?
Julia and Daniel (they) go to Salou on holiday.
How many brothers and sisters does Jon have?
Jon (He) has two brothers and two sisters.
Who has a pet goat?
Sara has a pet goat.
Who lives on a farm?
Martin lives on a farm.