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Intrapersonal communication

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takes place within one person. The purpose of clarifying ideas or analyzing a situation.
intrapersonal communication
communication between two ppl
interpersonal communication (quantitative)
communication in whice ppl treat each other as unique individuals
interpersonal communication (qualitative)
evaluating ourselves in term of how we compare with others.
What is social comparisons?
The way we perceive others. Like our mood, happy or sad.
what does psychological (behavioral) influences mean?
the 5 senses. see, hear, taste, touch and smell
what does physiological influences mean?
the person you believe yourself to be in moments of honest self-emamination.
what does perceived mean?
Selection: which data we will attend
Organization: we must arrange it in some meaningful way in order to make sense of the world.
Interpreting: plays a role in virtually every interpersonal act.
Negotiation: the process by which communication is known as negotiation.
Understand the 4 steps of selection, organizing, interpreting and negotiation?
a mirroring of the judgments of those around him or her.
what is reflected appraisal?
a public image the way we want to appear to others.
what does presenting mean?
imagine a special mirror that not only reflects physical features but also allows you to view your talents, dislikes, likes and roles.
what is self concept?
is a part of the self concept that involves evaluations of self worth. Example: being quiet, argumentative or serious.
what does self esteem mean?
1) description of sense data
2) two possible interpretations
3) request for confirmation of the interpretation
What are the 3 componets to accurate perception checking as a skill?
100% total understanding of another person is possible
what is unrealistic?
1) unintentional
2) intentional
what are the two behavior communcations?
no, 85% of communication interaction is non verbal
does verbal communication weight more than non verbal communication?
yes, quality communcation is more important than quanity.
we need to communicate more?
VOI'S sender?
non verbal or verbal message
VOI'S message?
VOI's receiver?
half way point for example the email, face to face, telephone, internet etc
VOI's channel?
outside noise for example: cell phone going off, pen clicking, gum chewing etc
VOI's noise?
any response to the communication received. It can be non verbal or verbal. A back and forth chain of txt message.
VOI's feedback?
the degree of similarity between the meaning systems of the center and receiver (high or low)
VOI's fidelity?
everything involved
VOI's context?
growing up with my mother always told me, "kristi you are a wonderful daughter."
reflecting appraisals?
quality of communcation is more important than quantity?
ture/false, because it can be both
communication is always a good thing in a relationship
communication is so important that it's presence or absence affects physical health. Example: yelling for help
interpersonal needs of physical?
communication is the way we learn who we are. Example: when ppl say it over and over again
interpersonal need of indentity?
communication is principle way in which relationships are created. Example: the human career
interpersoanl need of social?
communication serves everyday needs. Example: the tool that lets us tell a hairstylist to take just a little off the sides or asking your boss for a raise
interpersonal need of practical?
occurs when a person expectations of an event his or her subsequent behavior
what is equation? self-fulfilling prophecy