sadlier oxford level d unit 6

i know that he will say anything to save his own skin, but i feel that in this case his account of the incident is ________ and should be accepted
he is rather ________ sort of man whose sensibilities are easily shocked by other peoples less exacting standards of conduct
someone with such a ________ grip on life doesn't give up the ghost easily i thought as i watched the old ans struggle to stay alive
i supposed bloodhounds may be as happy as other dogs but they have the ________ look of creatures who have lost their last friend
in a touching scene on the steps of the capitol, the president awarded ________ medals of honor to soldiers who had recently fallen in defense of the country
the wily old senator derived a certain amount of ________ amusement from watching hi enemies turn on and destroy one another
our football team would do a great deal better if we mastered a few simple plays, instead of trying to use all those ________ formations
since my hosue is located at a busy intersection, i have been forced to accustom myself to the ________ hum of traffic outside