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ATI Med-Surg: Chp 11: Headache

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◯ Review "Three R" approach with client (
■ Recognize migraine manifestations.
■ Respond and seek provider.
■ Relieve pain and manifestations.

◯ Remain in a cool, dark, quiet environment.
◯ Elevate the head of the bed as desired.
◯ Educate women over age 50 about risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke.

◯ Review trigger avoidance and management.
■ Educate about foods with tyramine (such as pickles, caffeine, beer, wine, aged cheese, artificial sweeteners) and foods with MSG or preservatives.
■ Review current medications for those known to induce migraines: ranitidine, estrogen, nitroglycerin, and nifedipine.
■ Discuss anger issues and handling conflict.
■ Reinforce the need for adequate rest and sleep.
■ Review travel involving a change in altitude.
■ Reinforce the need to avoid light glare or flickering lights.
■ Review client's menstrual cycle pattern and hormone fluctuations.
■ Discuss avoiding intense environmental odors, perfumes, and tobacco smoke.

◯ Educate client about use of complementary and alternative therapies.
■ Provide referral to community centers offering yoga, meditation, tai chi, exercise, and massage for relaxation and to alleviate muscle tension.
■ Provide referral to acupuncture and acupressure therapy, which may be helpful for pain management.
■ Herbal remedies and nutrition supplements should be reviewed with the provider because there is insufficient evidence to support their use in management of migraines.