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the Basic Input/Output System controls the computer when it is first switched on. It tests the system hardware and loads the operating system.
swap file
this is a file, kept on the hard drive or other storage device, used to store data and instructions while a program is running but when the RAM is full
a program which is called by a peripheral manager to operate any devices for example the printer when they are called by the main program
a rule that is set up for a particular file to control who can edit, read or write on the file
user interface
the way in which a user interacts with a computer system
graphical user interface
a GUI - a user interface which relies mainly on windows, icons, menus and pointers
command line interface
the user has to type in all of the commands for the operating system instead of using a mouse to point at and select options
full backup
all of the files specified by the user will be backed up
incremental backup
only new files or files that have been changed since the last backup will be backed up and kept with the last full backup