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Character and vocabulary review for Arthur Miller's The Crucible

Abigail Williams

disappears with stolen money when the court begins to fall apart

Rev. Parris

is scared when he finds a knife in his door and his life is threateneed near the end of the play as people become more distrusting of the courts

Rev. Hale

has studied witchcraft and has many books on the subject

Betty Parris

person some believed was bewitched at the beginning of the play

Rebecca Nurse

respected older woman who believes the girls will come out of their trances if they are left alone; is accused of being a witch and killing babies

Elizabeth Proctor

feels guilty because she has been cold and suspicious of her husband

John Proctor

does not agree with his minister about several things, including the minister's salary and golden candlesticks; feels guilty because he has been unfaithful to his wife


first person to confess to witchcraft

Giles Corey

an old man who has sued his neighbors in court many times; has brought trouble to his wife because of his suspicions about her reading

Thomas Putnam

a person who accuses his neighbors of witchcraft and later gets their land

Ann Putnam

was probably jealous of women with large families since seven of her babies died

Mary Warren

works for Proctors at the time of the trials; Abigail accuses this person of being a spirit in a yellow bird, though this person had been one of the afflicted


v./adj.-- confused


n.--preexisting preference


adj.--firm, unchanging




n.--paleness, lacking color


adj.--large and powerful


v.--to make better




v.--to get back for something


adj.--tending to argue


n---a horror


adj.--barely noticeable


adj.--hiding the truth




v.--to trick

Thou shalt not commit adultery

the commandment John Proctor forgot

poppet with needle in it

evidence found against Elizabeth Proctor

pressed to death

this is how Giles Corey dies

to save John's reputation

this is why Elizabeth lies

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